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Marc Maron

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Marc Maron is a comedian, writer and actor, but he’s probably best known for his podcast WTF, which he records in his garage. WTF has been downloaded more than forty-two million times. Maron has a knack for getting his guests — many of whom are comedians — to open up about all kinds of things that aren’t necessarily that funny. It’s not uncommon to hear about drugs or divorce, depression or suicide

Maron visited OPB while he was in Portland last week. He talked about why he thinks the Rose City is strange, and told us that doing the podcast has changed him — as a comedian, friend, and listener. He says he’s become so used to the human connection his interviews provide that now, if he doesn’t sit down in his garage twice a week to talk with someone, he gets “squirrely.”

Do you listen to WTF? What stands out to you about the show?


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