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Marijuana Retail Stores Open Across Washington

Line outside of Main Street Marijuana.

Line outside of Main Street Marijuana.

John Rosman/OPB

In November 2012, Washington voters voted “yes” for recreational marijuana. Washington’s Initiative 502 (pdf), along with a similar Colorado measure (pdf), was described as “an electoral first, not only for America but for the world.” Under I-502, the state’s Liquor Control Board legalizes and defines small amounts of marijuana-related products for adults 21 and over, taxes them, and directs the revenue into a Dedicated Marijuana Fund.

We’re broadcasting from Main Street Marijuana in Vancouver, the first to open in the city, and one of the first pot retailer stores in the state. (Another Vancouver pot store, New Vansterdam, plans to open later in the week.) Main Street Marijuana is co-managed by cousins Chris Stipe and Ramsey Hamide and is opening amidst a cannabis shortage in Washington, and with no edibles available for sale in the state.

As the first wave of pot retail stores open across the state, we’ll discuss a variety of issues including law enforcement, the effect on medical marijuana patients, and the cultural and economic implications of Washington’s budding recreational marijuana industry.

Main Street Marijuana was the first Vancouver, Washington, store licensed to start selling pot legally for recreational use.


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