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News Roundtable | Latinx Pride | Remembering Frances Gabe



  • Portland State University associate professor Lisa Bates, OPB news content manager Ryan Haas, and Jim Pasero with the public affairs firm Third Century Solutions join us to talk about some of the biggest news stories of the week.



  • This weekend, the annual PDX Latinx Pride festival spotlights and celebrates Oregon’s LGBTQ Latinx community. Christian Baeff, a gay Argentinian immigrant and this year’s festival chair, joins us to talk about his experiences in Oregon and the ways that Latinx and LGBTQ identities overlap.



  • New York Times obituary writer Margalit Fox first heard about Frances Gabe from a reader. After some initial reporting, Fox said it was clear that Gabe’s death was newsworthy, despite the fact that she’d passed away months ago. Gabe was the eccentric inventor of the self-cleaning house in Newberg, Oregon. Fox called her “a true American original, equal parts quixotic dreamer and accomplished visionary.”

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