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Number Of Stay-At-Home Parents In Oregon Increasing

OPB | June 18, 2014 12:45 p.m.

David Sawyer / Creative Commons

A new study by the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis finds that the number of stay-at-home parents in Oregon is on the rise. The increase is seen among men and women, with the share of mothers staying at home to take care of children increasing by a third since 2000 to 21 percent. The number of stay-at-home dads is still quite small compared to moms — only 1 in 100 fathers between 25 and 54 years old stay at home to take care of the kids — but it has doubled in the past few decades.

We’ll hear more about how one partner staying at home affects household finances, and the economy as a whole with Josh Lehner, senior economist with Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis.


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