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Oregon Is Not Meeting Its Minority Teacher Goals

cybrarian77 via Flickr/Creative Commons

Oregon is not on track to meet its goals in addressing the gap between the demographics of Oregon’s public school students and their teachers: That’s according to the 2014 Oregon Minority Teacher Act Status Report (pdf). According to the report, while a third of Oregon’s students are people of color, about 92% of their teachers are white.

This report is required by a 2013 amendment to the state’s Minority Teacher Act. (The original law dates back to 1991.) In addition to expanding the definition of “minority” to include people who speak English as a second language, the bill set the goals of increasing the number of minority teachers, administrators, and graduates from teacher preparation programs in Oregon by 10 percent over 2012 numbers by 2015 and required a status update on that goal.

While the state is on track to meet the goals of increasing the number of minority administartors and graduates from teacher preparation programs, it is falling short of its goal to increase the number of minority teachers in its classrooms.

 Are you a teacher? Do you identify as a minority? Do you feel supported in your school district? What improvements would you recommend?

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OPB | July 15, 2014