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Rebroadcast: Capturing the Gorge

What do you see in images of the Columbia River Gorge?

As part of our continuing, weather-interrupted week of rebroadcasts, we bring you a personal favorite of mine: a conversation we had two months ago with the curators of the Portland Art Museum’s exhibition Wild Beauty: Photographs of the Columbia River Gorge, 1867-1957.

You can read the comments from the initial broadcast here, or add new ones below.

The conversation spanned personal and photographic histories, and brought to life images that — because of dams, or industrialization, or the decimation of native tribes — only exist now as prints. As such there’s a sense of celebration as well as melancholy in the hour, but we present this rebroadcast with a new note of sadness: Terry Toedtemeier, the Portland Art Museum’s photography curator, died on December 10th.


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