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Tagged: 2008 Election

Merkley Wins

Nov. 07, 2008 midnight

What should his priorities be?

The Morning After

Nov. 05, 2008 midnight

Now what?

Candidate Conversation: U.S. Congress 5th District

Oct. 28, 2008 midnight

With one week left before election day, what's catching your eye?

Candidate Conversations: Secretary of State

Oct. 22, 2008 midnight

A conversation with the candidates seeking a job many consider the second most important in the state%3A Secretary of State.

Candidate Conversation: State Treasurer

Oct. 20, 2008 midnight

Who is best prepared to handle Oregon's money?

Measures 56 and 59: Tax Policy

Oct. 17, 2008 midnight

What's your take on the tax measures 56 and 59?

Presidential Candidates Face Off

Oct. 16, 2008 midnight

What did you think of the final presidential debate?

Washington Initiative #1000: Assisted Suicide

Oct. 14, 2008 midnight

What end-of-life options should be available to people with a terminal illness?

Measure 58: English as a Second Language

Oct. 09, 2008 midnight

What is the best approach to teaching English as a second language in Oregon schools?

Washington Initiative #1029: Homecare Workers

Oct. 01, 2008 midnight

What training should be required to be a homecare worker?

Measure 60: Teacher Pay

Sept. 23, 2008 midnight

Should teacher pay raises be based on classroom performance?

Measure 65: Open Primary

Sept. 16, 2008 midnight

Should Oregon adopt a top-two primary system?

From the Conventions: The Parties From Afar

Sept. 05, 2008 midnight

How did the conventions play to Northwest voters who aren't part of the major parties?

From the Conventions: Challenging Economic Times

Sept. 04, 2008 midnight

How will the next president impact your pocketbook?

Homespun Politics

July 07, 2008 midnight

What keeps you up at night?

The Race Has Just Begun

June 04, 2008 midnight

Now what?

McCain and the Veteran Vote

May 12, 2008 midnight

How does your experience with war affect your presidential vote?

The Roadshow's Sideshow

May 09, 2008 midnight

How have the presidential campaigns impacted your local community?

Classy Politics

April 22, 2008 midnight

How does your economic outlook affect your politics?

Politics for the Under 35 Set

April 21, 2008 midnight

What voice do young people have in politics?

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