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How Oregon Kids Are Learning Math

OPB | Broadcast: March 31, 2015

TUESDAY: Rob Manning checked in with the class of 2025 to see how the second-graders — and their teachers and parents — are learning math under the new standards known as Common Core.

Changing Standardized Testing In Oregon

OPB | Broadcast: Feb. 9, 2015

MONDAY: OPB education reporter Rob Manning fills us in on the recommendations from a group of educators that's been meeting privately for about a year.

U of O Education Expert Takes On China

OPB | Broadcast: Jan. 8, 2015

THURSDAY: The University of Oregon education professor Yong Zhao's latest book, "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Dragon?" is a critique of the Chinese education system.

Oregon Test Scores "Hold Steady" But Big Common Core Changes Loom

OPB | Broadcast: Sept. 10, 2014

WEDNESDAY: School test scores are out today for the 2013-2014 school year. We'll talk about the results and what educators are anticipating next year with the Common Core changes.

News Roundtable: May 16, 2014

OPB | Broadcast: May 16, 2014

FRIDAY: We review some of the biggest news stories of the week.

Professor Yong Zhao On How To Educate Globally Competitive Students

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 1, 2013

We'll talk with University of Oregon education professor, Yong Zhao, about how schools could be educating students to be creative and innovative thinkers.

Understanding the Common Core

OPB | Broadcast: Sept. 16, 2013

The new Common Core standards will raise academic expectations for standardized testing significantly.

Should Students Be Reading Less Fiction?

OPB | Broadcast: Jan. 18, 2013

There's a movement in schools across the country to emphasize non-ficiton, or "informational texts," in students' education.