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Choreographer Of Many Talents: Darrell Grand Moultrie Works With OBT

OPB | April 08, 2015

Darrell Grand Moultrie's career spans modern dance, ballet, opera, and a stint working with Beyoncé.

Christopher Stowell Leaves The Oregon Ballet Theatre

OPB | Jan. 22, 2013

Long-time artistic director Christopher Stowell resigned in December. We'll hear why he left and what's next for him.

TBA: Nora Chipaumire

OPB | Sept. 06, 2012

Dancer and choreographer Nora Chipaumire performs at the Time-Based Art Festival.

Wim Wenders on "Pina"

OPB | Feb. 14, 2012

The German filmmaker Wim Wenders celebrates the work and life of choreographer Pina Bausch in his new 3D documentary, Pina.

Weekend Look-Ahead

OPB | Jan. 26, 2012

How is your weekend shaping up? We'll discuss some options from the worlds of music and dance.

The Portland Ballet

OPB | Nov. 22, 2011

This weekend the Portland Ballet performs a world premiere of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We'll find out about the school, the show, and what these young people hope to get from a youth dedicated to ballet.

Ten Tiny Dances

OPB | Sept. 09, 2011

How did shrinking a stage down to 4X4 inspire nine years of innovative dance at a festival dedicated to performance art?