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Oregon House Considers 'Pay It Forward' Bill

OPB | June 16, 2015

HB 2662 as it stands now would move Oregon a step closer to establishing the oft-discussed "Pay It Forward" college payment program.

The Lasting Influence Of Student Debt

OPB | Feb. 14, 2013

How has student debt influenced your decisions about what to study or what kind of job to pursue after graduation?

Paying For College Without Going Into Debt

OPB | Dec. 03, 2012

A group of Portland State University students is pushing a proposal that would allow students to enroll in college without going into debt.

Where Credit's Due

OPB | Aug. 02, 2011

What's your reaction to the latest debt ceiling news?

The Debt Ceiling

OPB | July 26, 2011

How will Oregonians be affected if Congress can't reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling by August 2?

Family Finances

OPB | Nov. 06, 2009

How do you talk to your family about money?

Saving Your Pennies?

OPB | July 15, 2009

Can the economy rebound if we keep saving our money?

Student Debt

OPB | Sept. 09, 2008

How does the cost of college impact students today?