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Washington Researcher Is Developing Breath Test For Pot

OPB | Dec. 05, 2014

FRIDAY: A research team at Washington State University is working on a device that would measure THC in someone's breath, similar to existing alcohol breathalyser tests. 

Tracking Washington's Legal Marijuana

OPB | Aug. 20, 2013

We'll check in on the progress the state is making crafting rules for the newly legalized marijuana trade and how drivers and law enforcement are responding.

Mexican IDs in Oregon

OPB | May 07, 2012

Law enforcement in Oregon will accept IDs issued by the Mexican government as a form of identification for traffic stops and other minor incidents.

Red Light Cameras

OPB | Sept. 04, 2009

Should cities expand their use of red light cameras?

Getting Tough About Driving Drunk

OPB | Aug. 31, 2009

Are drunk driving laws tough enough?

Students and Credit Card Reform

OPB | May 27, 2009

What access should students have to credit cards?

Snitching on Dad

OPB | March 19, 2008

Who should be driving -- and how do we decide?