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Klamath Farmers Brace For A Dry Season

OPB | April 08, 2015

Gov. Kate Brown declared drought in Klamath County earlier this week and farmers are anxious about the low snowpack.

Severe Drought Affects Southeastern Oregon

OPB | July 23, 2014

WEDNESDAY: As the water supply in the Owyhee Valley dries up, the drought's effects will have repercussions throughout the state.

Drought And Floods Threaten Oregon

OPB | Feb. 17, 2014

MONDAY: It may seem counterintuitive, but Oregonians are on the lookout for flooding, even as the Governor declares a drought emergency in four counties. 

Oregon Faces A Continued Dry Spell In 2014

OPB | Jan. 23, 2014

THURSDAY: It's been a particularly dry winter for Oregon. Businesses from agriculture to recreation are feeling the repercussions of the dry spell.

Droughts Expected to Worsen in 21st Century

OPB | July 31, 2012

A new study suggests drought patterns will only get worse in the coming century.

Famine in the Horn of Africa

OPB | Sept. 27, 2011

International relief agencies are in the region assisting with food and medical needs. What's the latest on the crisis?

Crisis in Somalia

OPB | Aug. 09, 2011

People are dying in Somalia in the worst drought the Horn of Africa has seen in 60 years. How are Somalis who live in Oregon — and other Oregonians — reacting?