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Some Doulas Offer Support During Abortions Or Miscarriages

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 6, 2014

WEDNESDAY: In addition to providing non-medical support to new moms, some doulas also assist women who miscarry or choose to terminate a pregnancy.

Stacy Bolt Talks About Breeding In Captivity

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 26, 2013

Humorist Stacy Bolt's new memoir recounts her struggles with infertility and the long and winding road she tread to motherhood.


OPB | Broadcast: July 9, 2012

We take a look at the legal and emotional ramifications of having children through a surrogate mother.

Rebroadcast: Ethics of Egg Donation

OPB | Broadcast: May 30, 2011

We're bringing back this discussion about egg donation in celebration of the episode's recent Gracie Award win.

The Ethics of Egg Donation

OPB | Broadcast: June 3, 2010

What are the medical and ethical issues that arise when women donate their eggs?

Limiting Fertility?

OPB | Broadcast: Feb. 17, 2009

Should there be limits on fertility treatments?