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Oregon Lottery Machines Raise Problem Gambling Concerns

OPB | Broadcast: June 18, 2015

The Oregon Lottery is replacing its 12,000 video lottery machines, and some advocates worry the new machines are even more attractive to problem gamblers.

Lawsuit Claims Oregon Lottery Intentionally Misleads Players

OPB | Broadcast: Jan. 7, 2015

TUESDAY: A class-action lawsuit claims the Oregon Lottery leads video poker players to believe they'll have better odds if they let the machines choose cards for them. 

The Oregon Lottery Under Jack Roberts

OPB | Broadcast: Dec. 11, 2013

WEDNESDAY: We'll talk with the newly confirmed head of the Oregon Lottery, former Labor Commissioner, Jack Roberts.

The Oregon Lottery's Relationship With Problem Gamblers

OPB | Broadcast: Nov. 27, 2013

WEDNESDAY: An investigative series by The Oregonian suggests the Oregon Lottery may be catering to gambling addicts.

Shutting Down Poker Clubs?

OPB | Broadcast: May 29, 2013

Some lawmakers say poker clubs are operating outside the law and should be shut down, while players want the law to be changed.

Lawmakers Take On Gambling Addiction

OPB | Broadcast: Feb. 15, 2013

A bill introduced this session would require bar and restaurant employees to be on the lookout for gambling addiction.

Non-Tribal Casino Measures

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 22, 2012

Should Oregonians amend the state constitution to allow non-tribal casinos?

Online Poker's Next Round

OPB | Broadcast: May 20, 2011

Is online poker legal? Place your bets...

Lottery Profits

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 30, 2009

How much of the profits from video lottery terminals should bar and tavern owners get to keep?

Rx: Individual Mandates

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 13, 2009

Should the government be able to require you to purchase health insurance?

Rebroadcast: As We Are - Addicted

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 11, 2009

Rebroadcast: How does addiction touch your life?