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News Roundtable: July 17, 2015

OPB | July 17, 2015

It’s time for our news roundtable, where we take a look at some of the biggest stories of the week with a rotating panel of journalists and other news watchers.

News Roundtable: March 20, 2015

OPB | March 20, 2015

FRIDAY: We review some of the biggest news stories of the week.

News Roundtable: February 27, 2015

OPB | Feb. 27, 2015

FRIDAY: We review some of the biggest news stories of the week.

Full Speed Ahead For Low Carbon Fuel Bill

OPB | Feb. 24, 2015

The clean energy bill is moving quickly through the Oregon legislature, despite its association with the Cyliva Hayes-John Kitzahber ethics scandal.

Political Scandals In History

OPB | Feb. 23, 2015

MONDAY: We get some historical context for how often politicians run into trouble in connection with the actions of their family members.

Governor Kitzhaber Is Resigning. What Happens Next?

OPB | Feb. 16, 2015

MONDAY: Governor John Kitzhaber will resign on Wednesday morning, and Secretary of State Kate Brown will replace him. What happens next?

Live Coverage Of Reactions To The Governor Kitzhaber Scandal

OPB | Feb. 12, 2015

THURSDAY: We went on the air at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Thursday with the latest news about the possibility of Governor Kitzhaber's resignation.

Sources Say Kitzhaber Planned To Resign But Changed His Mind

OPB | Feb. 12, 2015

THURSDAY: Several newspaper are reporting that Governor Kitzhaber decided to resign Wednesday, but changed his mind after talking with his lawyer and his fiancée.

News Roundtable: February 6, 2015

OPB | Feb. 06, 2015

FRIDAY: We review some of the biggest news stories of the week.

The Oregonian Calls For Kitzhaber To Resign

OPB | Feb. 05, 2015

THURSDAY: An editorial in The Oregonian Wednesday called for the Governor John Kitzhaber's resignation following new revelations about First Lady Cylvia Hayes.

Governor Kitzhaber Addresses Questions Surrounding First Lady's Finances

OPB | Jan. 30, 2015

Governor Kitzhaber held a press conference today and stated First Lady Cylvia Hayes would have no political role in his administration.

Governor Kitzhaber's Fourth Inauguration

OPB | Jan. 12, 2015

MONDAY: John Kitzhaber officially starts his fourth term as Oregon's governor January 12. 

Governor Kitzhaber Unveils His Two-Year Budget

OPB | Dec. 01, 2014

MONDAY: At 10 a.m. on Monday, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber released his proposed 2015-2017 budget.

Kitzhaber And Merkley Ahead In The Polls

OPB | Oct. 14, 2014

TUESDAY: A new poll released by OPB and Fox 12 shows Democratic incumbents for statewide office in Oregon are in the lead.

2014 Gubernatorial Debate

OPB | Oct. 10, 2014

FRIDAY: Democratic incumbent John Kitzhaber and Republican challenger Dennis Richardson will weigh in on issues that matter to Oregonians.

Kitzhaber And Richardson Face Off In First Gubernatorial Debate

OPB | July 18, 2014

FRIDAY: Democratic incumbent Governor John Kitzhaber and Republican challenger State Representative Dennis Richardson had their first debate on Friday morning.

Cover Oregon: What Went Wrong?

OPB | March 20, 2014

THURSDAY: The results of an independent review into what went wrong with Oregon's health insurance exchange was released today.

The Republican Challengers To Merkley And Kitzhaber

OPB | Jan. 27, 2014

MONDAY: Differences among the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and Oregon Governor became clearer this weekend at a gathering of conservatives in Portland.

OPB's Class of 2025 Project

OPB | Jan. 06, 2014

MONDAY: Oregon aims to have all students in the class of 2025 graduate high school. Those kids are in first grade now and OPB is following their progress toward this goal.

News Roundtable: Year In Review

OPB | Dec. 27, 2013

FRIDAY: Our news roundtable takes a look back at the year's big stories.