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'State Of Wonder' In Corvallis | Opioid Lawsuit | Eclipse Cell Coverage | Portland's Tech Scene

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 15, 2017

What will Corvallis do for the eclipse? And will sketchy cell coverage in Eastern Oregon be a problem during the eclipse? Also, more on Multnomah County's lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, and an exploration of Portland's tech industry.

Lawsuit Filed By Pregnant Professor Against Christian University

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 12, 2015

A former assistant professor at Northwest Christian University says she was fired after she told her supervisor she was pregnant out of wedlock.

Catching Up With Cover Oregon

OPB | Broadcast: March 3, 2015

TUESDAY: Lawmakers voted recently to dissolve Cover Oregon, but lawsuits over the state's failed health insurance exchange drag on.

The Role Of Plaintiffs In Supreme Court Cases

OPB | Broadcast: Jan. 21, 2015

WEDNESDAY: As we look ahead to the Supreme Court case on same-sex marriage, we'll ask: how important is it to have sympathetic plaintiffs at the Supreme Court level?

Lawsuit Claims Oregon Lottery Intentionally Misleads Players

OPB | Broadcast: Jan. 7, 2015

TUESDAY: A class-action lawsuit claims the Oregon Lottery leads video poker players to believe they'll have better odds if they let the machines choose cards for them. 

Environmental Update

OPB | Broadcast: Dec. 15, 2014

MONDAY: Members of our EarthFix team will give us an update on some of the environmental stories they've been following.

Oracle Claims Copyright Infringement Over Cover Oregon Software

OPB | Broadcast: Sept. 19, 2014

FRIDAY: We'll examine the latest turn in the legal battle between the state of Oregon and the tech company Oracle.

County Vs City Laws

OPB | Broadcast: July 29, 2014

TUESDAY: Gun laws and a proposed sick leave ordinance have caused tension between counties and cities in Oregon.

Oregon Sues 5-Hour Energy For False Advertising

OPB | Broadcast: July 22, 2014

TUESDAY: Oregon's attorney general filed a lawsuit against 5-hour Energy for making false claims about its product.

New Medical Malpractice Mediation System Now Underway

OPB | Broadcast: July 2, 2014

WEDNESDAY: We'll hear from OPB's reporter Kristian Foden-Vencil about the compromise negotiated by Governor John Kitzhaber to help reduce medical malpractice lawsuits.

Woodburn Officers Allege Misconduct And Retaliation

OPB | Broadcast: Jan. 21, 2014

TUESDAY: Police officers in Woodburn are suing the city, claiming the police department systematically ignores misconduct and retaliates against whistleblowers.

Smoking Cessation Drug Chantix Tied To Violent Side Effects

OPB | Broadcast: Dec. 9, 2013

MONDAY: A Harrisburg woman alleges side effects from a smoking cessation drug caused her husband to murder their 13-year-old son before committing suicide himself.

McMinnville Officers Sued For Alleged Brutality

OPB | Broadcast: May 31, 2013

We'll get the latest on a police brutality lawsuit in McMinnville.

Pleading the Fifth

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 25, 2012

What does it mean to assert your fifth amendment rights during a legal proceeding?

Terri Horman Civil Suit

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 17, 2012

Kyron Horman's mother is suing his stepmother in civil court over her son's 2010 disappearance.

Herpes Lawsuit

OPB | Broadcast: June 11, 2012

A Beaverton woman won a $900,000 lawsuit against the man who she says gave her herpes. Will this set a precedent?

Defamation Online

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 13, 2011

Where is the line between opinion and libel when it comes to blogging or tweeting about how someone does their job?

The Death of Jeanette Maples

OPB | Broadcast: Sept. 6, 2011

A new lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Human Services alleges the agency should have prevented the death of 15-year-old Jeanette Maples.

Pendleton vs. Pendleton

OPB | Broadcast: May 24, 2011

Two iconic Oregon brands are locked in a legal battle over a heavily trademarked name.

Cell Phone Search Warrant?

OPB | Broadcast: May 3, 2011

Does law enforcement need a warrant to search your cell phone data if you're arrested? That question comes before the Oregon Supreme Court this week.