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Atul Gawande Talks About "Being Mortal"

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 21, 2014

TUESDAY: Surgeon and author Atul Gawande joins us at OPB with an audience to talk about his new book, "Being Mortal."

Medicare May Penalize Oregon Hospitals For Patient Injuries

OPB | Broadcast: July 2, 2014

WEDNESDAY: We'll learn more about Medicare's plan to penalize hospitals for high patient injury and infection rates.

How To Coordinate Care

OPB | Broadcast: April 24, 2013

How are Oregon's new coordinated care organizations going to work in practice?

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 13, 2012

Now that Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate, what might that choice mean for Northwest voters?

Ron Wyden's Medicare Overhaul

OPB | Broadcast: Dec. 16, 2011

Oregon senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat, and Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan, a Republican, have a plan to overhaul Medicare.

Rx: Medicare Reimbursement

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 26, 2009

How do low Medicare reimbursement rates affect healthcare in Oregon? How will that care change if the rates go up?

The Changeover: Health Care Prescriptions

OPB | Broadcast: Jan. 6, 2009

What will the Obama administration's health care plan mean for Oregon?

Hard Days for Hospice

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 19, 2008

How will budget cuts affect hospice care?