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Environmental Update On Beer, Salmon, And Marijuana

OPB | Feb. 09, 2015

MONDAY: Members of our EarthFix team will join us to discuss greener beer, energy efficient marijuana, and a new salmon tracker.

A New Source Of Hydropower: City Water Pipes

OPB | Jan. 23, 2015

FRIDAY: A Portland startup is generating renewable power with small hydroelectric turbines inside the city water system.

BPA Moving Forward After Hiring Scandal

OPB | Oct. 31, 2014

FRIDAY: The Bonneville Power Administration is looking towards the future after a hiring scandal that went public a year ago.

Environmental News Round-Up

OPB | May 28, 2013

We'll talk with David Steves and Ashley Ahearn, both of EarthFix, about some recent environmental headlines they've been following.

U.S. Imposes Tariffs on China

OPB | March 22, 2012

This week, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced it will impose tariffs on Chinese-made solar products.

Biomass Power in Vancouver?

OPB | Oct. 04, 2011

What's at stake in the decision on whether or not to allow a biomass power plant in Vancouver?

Environmental Update

OPB | Sept. 13, 2011

We'll get an environmental update from OPB's Ecotrope blogger, Cassandra Profita about the future of sustainable energy sources in Oregon. 

Solar Power

OPB | July 28, 2010

What's the latest with solar power?

The Inner Lives of Boys

OPB | Sept. 28, 2009

Following our discussion about "good girls" we turn the table on boys.

The Switch: Solar Power

OPB | June 10, 2009

What's the best and most cost effective kind of solar energy?

Reading Stubborn Twig

OPB | April 09, 2009

What did you learn from Stubborn Twig? Where does your life intersect with it?

Renewable Rates

OPB | April 08, 2009

What is the price of renewable energy?

The Klamath Example: How to Tear Down a Dam

OPB | Feb. 14, 2008

How many constituencies does it take to demolish a dam?