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Sexual Harrassment At Work | Mercy Corps Out Of Turkey | Portland Developer | Mental Illness In Jail

OPB | March 08, 2017

Uber recently came under fire after a former engineer reported sexual harassment and a culture of discrimination against women. UO law professor Liz Tippett says this sort of behavior isn’t unusual in the business world, but the solution may not lie in better HR practices.

Sexual Assaults Increasing In The Armed Forces

OPB | May 09, 2013

An alarming new study shows sexual assaults are on the rise in the military.

Wingard Won't Run

OPB | June 21, 2012

After allegations of sexual misconduct emerged last week, Oregon Representative Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) announced he will not run for reelection.

Reed College Update

OPB | May 06, 2011

Reed College has just made some changes to how sexual assault is handled on their campus — and more changes are expected. We'll find out more.

Women in the Military

OPB | March 29, 2010

What is life like for women who serve in the military?

Boardman to Close in 2020?

OPB | Jan. 19, 2010

How will the proposed 2020 closure of PGE's coal-fired power plant in Boardman affect you?

Handmade Musical Instruments

OPB | Aug. 14, 2009

How do handmade instruments change the way you experience music?