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Timbers Take Home The MLS Cup

OPB | Broadcast: Dec. 7, 2015

The Portland Timbers took home the MLS Cup for the first time after a 2-1 win over the Columbus Crew.

Will The Timbers Win The MLS Cup?

OPB | Broadcast: Dec. 2, 2015

The Timbers are headed to the MLS Cup finals this weekend for the first time in the history of the franchise.


OPB | Broadcast: Nov. 5, 2015

As the Timbers compete in the MLS semifinals, we listen back to our interview with former Timers announcer John Strong.

News Roundtable: October 30, 2015

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 30, 2015

We review some of the biggest news stories of the week.

US Women Face Germany in World Cup Semifinals

OPB | Broadcast: June 30, 2015

The U.S. Women's National Team faces off against Germany today in the FIFA Women's World Cup. We talk to soccer reporter Jamie Goldberg about the match and how Portland Thorns players have fared on the global stage.

News Roundtable: June 20, 2014

OPB | Broadcast: June 20, 2014

FRIDAY: We review some of the biggest news stories of the week.

The Social And Economic Effects Of The World Cup

OPB | Broadcast: June 19, 2014

THURSDAY: What are the socioeconomic effects of mega-sports events like the World Cup on the host country and the world?

Timbers Kick Off 2014 Season

OPB | Broadcast: March 7, 2014

FRIDAY: The Portland Timbers play their first official game of the 2014 season against the Philadelphia Union at Providence Park this Saturday.

Portland Timbers Head for Playoffs

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 31, 2013

THURSDAY: After a successful season, the Portland Timbers will face the Seattle Sounders in the MLS playoffs on Saturday.

Thorns Finish First Season As Champions

OPB | Broadcast: Sept. 9, 2013

Portland came out on top in the National Women's Soccer League's inaugural season.

Checking in on the Portland Timbers

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 1, 2013

We take a look at the 2013 Portland Timbers season as they prepare for their final playoff push.

Culture Club

OPB | Broadcast: April 25, 2013

Our weekly conversation about some of the most talked about stories of the moment.

University of Portland's Strong Olympic Showing

OPB | Broadcast: Aug. 7, 2012

Yesterday's Olympic women's soccer battle between the U.S. and Canada pitted two University of Portland alumni against each other.

Culture Club

OPB | Broadcast: June 15, 2012

Our weekly conversation about some of the most talked about stories of the week.

On The Job: Athletes

OPB | Broadcast: Nov. 16, 2011

What is it like to play sports for a living?


OPB | Broadcast: Dec. 2, 2010

With the Civil War game coming up this weekend it got us thinking about what it means to be a fan.

Soccer City, USA?

OPB | Broadcast: March 4, 2009

Should Portlanders back an $85 million bond to bring Major League Soccer to town?