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3 Chefs On Restaurants, The Kitchen & Thanksgiving

OPB | Nov. 26, 2015

Cathy Whims, Naomi Pomeroy and new chef and entrepreneur Jen Datka join us share their thoughts about the industry.

A Different Spin on Thanksgiving

OPB | Nov. 24, 2011

In this holiday rebroadcast, we're asking, does your Thanksgiving celebration veer from the ordinary bird to the extraordinary experience?

A Different Spin on Thanksgiving

OPB | Nov. 19, 2010

What was your most unusual Thanksgiving meal?

The Face of Race

OPB | May 17, 2010

Is Multnomah County "toxic" for people of color?

Sex Ed

OPB | Nov. 16, 2009

What should young people learn about sex in school, and when should they learn it?

Moving Past Pinot

OPB | Nov. 28, 2008

Is there Oregon wine in your glass this weekend?