Clatsop-Nehalem Tribes Seek Federal Recognition

OPB | Aug. 18, 2014

MONDAY: Six decades after the federal government terminated several Native American tribes, two tribes from the Oregon coast are hoping to be reinstated.

Matika Wilbur Photographs America's Tribes

OPB | May 28, 2014

WEDNESDAY: Matika Wilbur is working on Project 562, a journey to photograph every Native American tribe in the U.S.

Some Native American Tribal Members Face Disenrollment

OPB | Dec. 18, 2013

WEDNESDAY: Some tribal members in the Northwest are facing tribal disenrollment. We'll talk with two regional reporters about the cultural and financial implications.

Klamath Water Struggle Gets Hot

OPB | July 01, 2013

The Klamath Tribes exercised their newly won water rights last month, cutting off water to ranchers who are now pushing back.  

Searching for a New Chief

OPB | April 21, 2011

What are members of the Wasco Tribe considering as they choose a new chief?

Leading a Horse to Slaughter

OPB | July 21, 2009

Should we slaughter horses for meat?

The Grand Ronde Story

OPB | Nov. 20, 2008

What is life like 25 years after restoration?