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Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions Decline In Oregon

OPB | Broadcast: May 5, 2015

New numbers show the number of parents opting out of vaccines for their kids for philosophical reasons has gone down.

Should Oregon Limit Antibiotic Use For Farm Animals?

OPB | Broadcast: March 31, 2015

TUESDAY: A bill in the Oregon legislature would limit the use of antibiotics on farms and ranches to only sick animals.

Documentary Focuses On Vaccines

OPB | Broadcast: March 23, 2015

MONDAY: Producer Jon Palfreman's documentary "The Vaccine War" dives into the controversial discussion around vaccinating children.

How Some States Are Boosting Vaccination Rates

OPB | Broadcast: Feb. 27, 2014

THURSDAY: Oregon's new law to make it harder for parents to opt out of their children's vaccinations goes into effect March 1. We'll ask how laws like these are faring in other states.

Vaccinating Children In State Custody

OPB | Broadcast: Nov. 4, 2013

MONDAY: A case before the Oregon Supreme Court challenges whether the state has the right to vaccinate children who are under the state's care because of parental neglect or abuse.

Whooping Cough Hits the Northwest

OPB | Broadcast: May 8, 2012

Soon after being declared an epidemic in Washington, whooping cough is spreading in Oregon.

Turning Away Patients for Refusing Vaccines

OPB | Broadcast: Oct. 18, 2011

There is a growing trend among some pediatricians to turn away families who refuse to vaccinate their kids.