Oregon State Wildfire Insurance In Jeopardy

OPB | March 30, 2015

MONDAY: Oregon legislators worry about how to cover wildfire costs as insurance prices rise.

The Latest Update On Oregon Wildfires

OPB | Aug. 11, 2014

MONDAY: We'll get the latest on the South Fork Complex Fire.

Checking In On Northwest Wildfires

OPB | July 15, 2014

TUESDAY: We'll talk with EarthFix reporter Devan Schwartz and Robin DeMario from the Northwest Coordination Center about wildfires in the Northwest.

The New Science Of Fighting Wildfires

OPB | Sept. 27, 2013

As another deadly and expensive fire season comes to an end, scientists are trying to better understand how fire spreads.

Northwest Fire Season Hits Its Stride

OPB | July 29, 2013

The annual fire season intensified over the last week, with a lightning storm setting off blazes in southwest Oregon.

Warm Springs Fire Grows

OPB | July 22, 2013

A fire at the Warm Springs Reservation forced an evacuation at Kah-Nee-Ta resort and continues to expand.

Dry Weather Impacting Water Users And Wildfires

OPB | May 13, 2013

We'll check in on how the dry weather is affecting Klamath Basin water users and the early wildfire season.

Malheur Lumber Fights to Keep Doors Open

OPB | Sept. 19, 2012

Malheur Lumber will stay open past its original November close date, due to an unlikely collaboration.

Fires Continue To Rage Through The Northwest

OPB | Sept. 10, 2012

We'll get an update on the fires burning through Oregon and Washington.

Washington Wildfire

OPB | Aug. 16, 2012

The Taylor Bridge fire has burned more than 28,000 acres in Central Washington.

What's Next for the Long Draw Fire?

OPB | July 19, 2012

The Long Draw Fire has been fully contained. What was the extent of its damage, and how will the area begin to recover?

A Look Back on the Biscuit Fire

OPB | July 12, 2012

Friday, July 13th will mark the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of Oregon's largest and most expensive wildfire fire in the past century. 

Dollar Lake Forest Fire

OPB | Sept. 07, 2011

The Dollar Lake forest fire, now burning on the north slope of Mt. Hood, has grown to 4,480 acres. How are containment efforts going?