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Keeping Young People In Klamath Falls | Life At A Portland Homeless Shelter

OPB | Jan. 17, 2017 noon

On this icy day in Portland, we listen back to two interviews from last year: how to keep young people in Klamath Falls, and what one of Portland's temporary homeless shelters is like for residents.

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Final Superfund Cleanup Plan | Death Penalty: Investigator | Urban Hawks

OPB | Jan. 10, 2017 noon

The final Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup has been released. Also, we'll continue our death penalty series, and we'll learn about using hawks to get rid of urban crows.

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TriMet Fare Evaders | Kennewick Man | Logging Under Trump | Russian Doping

OPB | Jan. 5, 2017 noon

A change in the way TriMet fare evaders are prosecuted, an overview of the history of Kennewick man, a guess on what the Trump administration might mean for logging in Oregon and a look at the doping scandal in Russian sports.

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Tiny School | George And Hillary Atiyeh

OPB | Jan. 4, 2017 noon

We bring you a conversation with George Atiyeh. He’s the nephew of former Oregon governor Vic Atiyeh, and the single biggest reason that the Opal Creek Wilderness was created 20 years ago.

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News Roundtable | Charlie Hales Exit Interview

OPB | Dec. 23, 2016 noon

Our news roundtable takes up some of the biggest news of the week, and Portland mayor Charlie Hales joins us for his last interview in that job.

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It's A Woman's World

OPB | Dec. 29, 2016 noon

Three conversations with authors who have written books exploring how women live in a world that is often designed by and for men.

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The Lives Of Teachers

OPB | Dec. 27, 2016 noon

We spend the hour learning about the lives of two Oregon teachers.

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News Roundtable | The Fish Market

OPB | Dec. 16, 2016 noon

We look at some of the biggest stories of the week, and we learn about how much of the US fish market has been privatized.

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Talking Business | Campaign Finance | Peter Buckley

OPB | Dec. 13, 2016 noon

The latest business news, looking back over representative Peter Buckley's 12 year career in office, and an overview of the big changes before Portland City Council.

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News Roundtable | Climate Lawsuit | Genomics

OPB | Dec. 9, 2016 noon

Our news roundtable takes up some of the big stories of the week. We take up another view of a federal climate change lawsuit. And we learn what we don't know after 25 years of genome sequencing.