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Eclipse: Symbiosis Fest | Port of Portland | Murals | PSU President

OPB | Aug. 17, 2017 noon

On this show we hear from our eclipse chasing 'State of Wonder' team, the new executive director of the Port of Portland, the new president of Portland State University, and we hear about a controversial residential mural.

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News Roundtable | Obesity And Prejudice | Teen Pregnancy Prevention

OPB | Aug. 11, 2017 noon

Heavy Asian-Americans are more likely to be perceived as "American." Also, what was being taught in a teen pregnancy prevention program whose federal funding has been cut? And the news of the week.

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Rural Economy | Sage Grouse Plans | Steelhead

OPB | Aug. 10, 2017 noon

The federal government has announced changes to a carefully negotiated sage grouse conservation plan. Also, steelhead may face extinction because of sea lions, and the economy in rural Oregon is not picking up the way it is in urban areas.

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New Portland Police Chief | Rape Threats On Twitter | Rebroadcast: Tides

OPB | Aug. 8, 2017 noon

We learn more about the newly named Portland police chief, talk to a woman trying to address a culture of sexual violence on social media, and listen back to our interview with "Tides" author Jonathan White.

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Nick Fish On Finding Portland's Next Arts Chief

OPB | Aug. 5, 2017 11:20 a.m. | Portland

Portland City Council's point man on arts policy talks about what he's looking for as the hiring process picks up steam.

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Metro Portland's Arts Agency Looks For New Leadership

OPB | Aug. 4, 2017 3:01 p.m. | Portland

The Regional Arts and Culture Council seeks a replacement for long-time administrator Eloise Damrosch.

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'Care' Documentary: In-Home Workers Valued But Not Compensated

OPB | Aug. 2, 2017 12:30 p.m. | Portland

A new documentary on the in-home care industry, produced by native Oregonian Tony Heriza, shows the growing need for these workers and their general lack of a livable wage and benefits.

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News Roundtable | Women And Ambition

OPB | July 28, 2017 noon

We explore women's relationship with ambition with Robin Romm, editor of the essay collection "Double Bind," and writer Camas Davis, who contributed to the book. Also, our news roundtable takes on the week's big headlines.

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Dennis Richardson | Albina Ministerial Alliance | Water Treatment | Transit Security

OPB | July 27, 2017 noon

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson discusses voter fraud and election reform. We also talk about police oversight, treating Portland's water, and hear from TriMet. 

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Salem-Keizer School Administrators Respond To Cyberbullying

OPB | July 24, 2017 3:46 p.m.

A cyberbullying incident at Whiteaker Middle School in the Salem-Keizer school district shows the challenges educators face when trying to deal with off-campus bullying.