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Live At Wordstock: Chuck Klosterman | Hannah Tinti | Katie Kitamura

This week on "State of Wonder," culture writer Chuck Klosterman pulls back the curtain on celebrity profiles and two ace authors discuss their thrilling new novels.

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Where To Find 'State Of Wonder' At Wordstock 2017

This Saturday, "State of Wonder" will record three live shows at Literary Arts' Wordstock Festival with authors Tom Perotta, the creators of "Welcome to Night Vale," Chuck Klosterman, Katie Kitamura and more.

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Into The King's Mouth With Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne

Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne brings interactive installation to PNCA.

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Poetry And Science Collide In The Work Of Samiya Bashir

The Portland poet explores how principles like Black Body Theory and Planck's Constant impact the real world, from a taxi cab ride to gun violence and Groucho Marx.

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Wayne Coyne | Samiya Bashir | Taneka Stotts | An LA Riff On Medea

This week on "State of Wonder," an art installation from the Pied Piper of post-modern rock, new voices and new practices in comics, and gorgeous poems influenced by science.

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Underwater Hockey? Yes, It Exists. And There's A Club In Portland.

Jorge Filevitch fell in love with underwater hockey more than 20 years ago. Now, he is the founder of Portland's underwater hockey club. 

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George Saunders | Scary Movies | Jessica Jackson Hutchins

"State of Wonder" conjures up haunted treats with scary movie recommendations, the myth of a mysterious Portland video game and a novel about ghosts and Abraham Lincoln by one of the greatest living authors.

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'Finding Grace In Disgrace': Puerto Rican Artist Antonio Martorell At Linfield College

The printer, painter and educator talks about the response to Hurricane Maria and his works on view at the Linfield Gallery.

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Eastern Oregon Film Fest, Where Small Town Meets Big Movies

"State of Wonder" broadcasts live from the little fest that can in La Grande, where filmmakers from around the country share their work and learn to throw hatchets.

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Portland’s Hollywood Theatre Succeeds In Fundraising To Buy Movie Madness

The beloved Portland video store is going to get a sequel as a nonprofit, thanks to a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign.