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Oregon Health Authority | News Roundtable | Sexual Assault Reporting

Approximately 80,000 kids will lose health coverage if Congress doesn’t reauthorize the CHIP program. Also, our news roundtable takes up some big stories from the week. And a sexual assault reporting program that began in Ashland has received nationwide praise. 

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Live At Wordstock: Chuck Klosterman | Hannah Tinti | Katie Kitamura

This week on "State of Wonder," culture writer Chuck Klosterman pulls back the curtain on celebrity profiles and two ace authors discuss their thrilling new novels.

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Brooke Gladstone On 'The Trouble With Reality'

After Donald Trump was elected president, Brooke Gladstone started to question the way she sees the world.

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'The Horse Latitudes' | 'Thank You For Your Service'

We'll discuss a novel about soldiers in the Iraq War. And we'll discuss how soldiers feel about the phrase "Thank you for your service."

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Where To Find 'State Of Wonder' At Wordstock 2017

This Saturday, "State of Wonder" will record three live shows at Literary Arts' Wordstock Festival with authors Tom Perotta, the creators of "Welcome to Night Vale," Chuck Klosterman, Katie Kitamura and more.

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Portland Police Report | Sheriff ICE Investigation | Mandatory Reporting In Salem-Keizer

On today's show: an independent report into former police chief Larry O'Dea, an investigation into Multnomah County Sheriff's deputies helping ICE agents, and a school policy requiring teachers to report students' sexual activity. 

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DC Politics And The NW | Photographing Rohingya Muslims | 'Alt-America'

A new book chronicles the rise of the radical right in America. Also, a local photographer just returned from Myanmar. And OPB's senior political reporter just returned from Washington, D.C.

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Taneka Stotts On Throwing Fire And Investing In Herself

The co-founder of Beyond Press talks about editing the breakout anthology “Elements: Fire.”

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News Roundtable | Tribal Housing | Holocaust Painting Comes Home

Our news roundtable takes up the week's headlines. The federal government refuses to honor a tribal housing agreement. And a family painting sold to escape the Holocaust has been found.  

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Poetry And Science Collide In The Work Of Samiya Bashir

The Portland poet explores how principles like Black Body Theory and Planck's Constant impact the real world, from a taxi cab ride to gun violence and Groucho Marx.