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Naturalized Citizen From India Questions The Brand Promise Of America

OPB | Oct. 18, 2016 noon

Anand Tawker, a former director of emerging markets in India for Hewlett Packard, says he hopes the "American Dream" can become more substantive and meaningful for more Americans. 

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Osage Tribal Member Struggles With The 'American' In The 'American Dream'

OPB | Oct. 5, 2016 12:20 p.m.

Our series exploring what the American Dream means to Oregonians continues with communications professor and Osage Native American tribal member Cynthia Coleman.

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Oregon Gubernatorial Debate

OPB | Oct. 6, 2016 7 p.m.

OPB and the League of Women Voters of Oregon and Lane County host a live debate between three candidates vying for your vote to to be the next Governor of Oregon.

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News Roundtable | Mars Rover Engineer

OPB | Sept. 30, 2016 noon

Our news roundtable takes up some of the biggest stories of the week, and we talk to a NASA engineer about the Mars missions.

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Daughter Of Chinese Immigrants Hopes For A Different American Dream

OPB | Sept. 22, 2016 noon | Portland

Jennifer Phung, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, says she's closer to achieving the American Dream than her parents ever were, but the dream itself needs revision.

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Escaping The Nazis For A Life In Portland

OPB | Sept. 20, 2016 midnight

Amelie Diamant Holmstrum and her two sisters left Europe when she was 13 to escape the Nazis. They grew up in Portland.

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Portland Police 48 Hour Rule Agreement | Millennials In Parks | Republicans Talk Trump

OPB | Sept. 15, 2016 noon

We chat with millennials enjoying the outdoors and Republicans weighing their response to Trump. Also, Portland's mayor joins us for a conversation about what a new police union contract could do for the city.

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Safer Altogether: Women In Portland Music Scene Confront Sexual Assault

OPB | Sept. 9, 2016 4:50 p.m. | Portland

Last weekend, a prominent Portland musician admitted to attempted sexual assault in a Facebook post. The response from others in the Portland music scene was swift and staggering.

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News Roundtable | Eve Of A Hundred Midnights

OPB | Sept. 9, 2016 noon

Our news roundtable takes up some of the biggest stories of the week, and we hear from Bill Lascher about his book "Eve of a Hundred Midnights," chronicling the lives of two foreign correspondents during World War II.

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School Bond Vote | Homelessness In Eugene | Measuring Glacial Melt

OPB | Sept. 8, 2016 noon

Portland high school students walked out of class yesterday over a bond measure vote. Also, we learn more about homelessness in Eugene and the ways that glaciers melt.