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OPB's Lending Library

A Service for OPB Cornerstone Members and Business Partners

1900 House (1 VHS Tape, available)

The sci-fi drama of time travel meets true-life drama in THE 1900 HOUSE -- a four-part documentary that ""transports"" an actual modern family back to life in 1900. You will have the chance to vicariously experience a time-travel journey back to ...

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3 Tenors, In Concert 1994 (1 DVD, available)

The Three Tenors is a name given to the Spanish singers Plácido Domingo and José Carreras and the Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti who sang in concert under this banner during the 1990s and early 2000s.

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400 Years of the Telescope (1 DVD, available)

Following the history of the telescope from the days of Copernicus to recent findings from the Hubble Telescope, 400 YEARS OF THE TELESCOPE opens in 17th century Florence, Italy, with Galileo training his spyglass on the heavens and discovering that ...

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8 Weeks to Optimum Health (1 VHS Tape, available)

Best-selling author Dr. Andrew Weil, MD reveals an eight-week program of exercise, diet, vitamins and meditation for a healthier life.

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9 Steps to Financial Freedom with Suze Orman, The (1 VHS Tape, available)

A certified financial planner, Suze Orman offers practical and spiritual steps so you can stop worrying. By connecting your early memories of money with your present-day motivations and fears, you can change your attitudes toward money and begin to take ...

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A Girl's Life with Rachel Simmons (1 DVD, available)

Researcher and author Rachel Simmons examines the challenges facing young women as they surf the waves of 21st century adolescence. Simmons interviews parents, psychologists, teachers, and social workers who are helping nurture girls into capable, resilient adults. She also talks ...

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A Great Day in Harlem (2 DVDs, available)

In August of 1958, in front of a Harlem brownstone, first-time photographer Art Kane assembled 57 of the greatest jazz stars of all time and snapped a picture that would live forever. Narrated by Quincy Jones, this Academy Award-nominated documentary ...

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A Lion in the House (2 DVDs, available)

A LION IN THE HOUSE follows the stories of five exceptional children and their families as they battle pediatric cancer. From the trauma of diagnosis to the physical toll of treatment, this series documents the stresses that can tear a ...

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A Summer of Birds: John James Audubon at Oakley House (1 DVD, available)

A SUMMER OF BIRDS details a relatively unknown chapter in the life of renowned naturalist painter, ornithologist and literary figure John James Audubon. Based on the acclaimed book, A Summer of Birds: John James Audubon at Oakley House by award-winning ...

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A. Einstein: How I See the World (1 VHS Tape, available)

Although Einstein was the greatest scientific genius of the century, this portrait is as much about the humanity of the man as it is about his legendary accomplishments. Narrated by actor William Hurt.

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ADD & Loving It?! (1 DVD, available)

Comedian Patrick McKenna seeks a diagnosis for ADHD and learns the facts from an impressive array of experts.

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Adirondacks (1 DVD, available)

On six million acres in upstate New York, the Adirondack Park is by far the largest park in the lower 48 states. Its land is divided almost evenly between protected wilderness and privately owned tracts creating a pattern of ownership ...

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Adventure Lodges of North America (1 DVD, available)

From a three-story floating resort in British Columbia to an historic island inn on the Atlantic Ocean to a rustic chalet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, ADVENTURE LODGES offers an intimate look at remote lodges in some of the world ...

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Adventures of Guy Noir, The (1 Audio CD, available)

Radio Private Eye with Garrison Keillor.

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Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (5 VHS Tapes, available)

Enjoy the spellbinding adventures of the world's greatest detective, dramatized from the timeless stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, starring Jeremy Brett. The five famous cases are: The RED-HEADED LEAGUE, THE FINAL PROBLEM, THE COPPER BEECHES, THE CROOKED MAN ...

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African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross (6 DVDs, available)

Explore with Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the evolution of the African-American people, as well as the multiplicity of cultural institutions, political strategies, and religious and social perspectives they developed -- forging their own history, culture and society against unimaginable odds

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Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery (2 DVDs, available)

This four-part series takes viewers on a journey through the birth of America - from Jamestown in 1607 to the start of the Civil War in 1861 - and shows the dramatic effect slavery had in shaping our country.

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Aleutians, The: Cradle of the Storms (1 VHS Tape, available)

Stretching 1200 miles from Alaska to the Bering Sea, the Aleutians are a beautiful rugged landscape, challenging inhabitants with a demanding, harsh environment

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Aleutians, The: Cradle of the Storms (1 DVD, available)

A 2-part series that tells the story of a beautiful and raw land and its people who have endured and survived wave of invaders and a relentless, unpredictable climate. The Aleutian Islands span the seas between Alaska ad Siberia, a ...

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Alone In The Wilderness (1 DVD, available)

Alone in the Wilderness is the documentary of Richard Proenneke, the subject of the book ""One Man's Wilderness: an Alaskan Odyssey"". Richard Proenneke built his own cabin in the wilderness near Twin Lakes, in what is now Lake Clark ...

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