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The OPB Lending Library is a benefit we are pleased to offer to:

Members and Partners may borrow up to 2 items at a time for up to 21 days.

We'll send you the media items by mail, including a return envelope and postage for convenient return.

If the item you have selected is currently on loan, we will be happy to reserve it for you. We hope you enjoy this service.

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For more information or to select by phone:

If you're a Business Partner, please e-mail Lori Bernet or call 503.293.1950.

If you're a Cornerstone Society, President's Council or Wyllis Johnson Legacy Society member, please e-mail Julie Arnzen or call 503.977.7765.

Cornerstone Society Lending Library

A Service for OPB Cornerstone Members and Business Partners

METH: The Meth Epidemic and Meth: The Oregon Front (1 DVD, available)

The first disc contains the FRONTLINE report on this national problem. The second disc focuses on Oregon where methamphetamine first became a problem in Oregon in the early eighties. Since that time, Oregon has earned the unfortunate distinction of having ...

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Make 'Em Laugh: The funny business of America (1 DVD, available)

Hosted by Billy Crystal and narrated by Amy Sedaris, this six-part series explores what's made America laugh for over one hundred years-and to the biting television satire of today, Make 'Em Laugh explores the work of our greatest comics ...

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Man Made Marvel of Asia: Okinawa Aquarium (1 DVD, available)

Japan's best architects, engineers and marine scientists have spent years completing an aquarium comprised of 77 separate tanks, together holding an astounding ten million tons of seawater

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Man Made Marvels of Asia: The World's Highest Railway (1 DVD, available)

At 1142 kilometres long the Qinghai-Tibet railway is not the longest train track on earth, but it was the most difficult to build. The railway runs through a region so remote and treacherous it’s known as the ‘third pole ...

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Marines, The (1 DVD, available)

THE MARINES examines the unique ""Warrior Culture"" of the smallest but fiercest branch of the U.S. armed services. With significant access to Marine Corps training facilities in Parris Island, South Carolina; Quantico, Virginia; and Twentynine Palms, California, THE MARINES ...

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Mark Twain, A Film by Ken Burns (1 DVD, available)

Samuel Clemens rose from a hardscrabble boyhood to become Mark Twain, one of America's best-known and best-loved authors. Ken Burn's film tells of his stupendous successes and crushing defeats. The story is told primarily through the words of ...

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Marple (Agatha Christie): Season 1 (1 DVD, available)

She's back! Agatha Christie's beloved Miss Marple returns to the limelight in this highly anticipated new series. These four lavish productions are all-new adaptations of Christie classics. Episodes Included: 1-The Murder at the Vicarage, 2-The Body in the ...

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Marple (Agatha Christie): Season 2 (1 DVD, available)

These four new crime thrillers feature Agatha Christie's shrewd and inquisitive spinster sleuth, Miss Jane Marple. Christie's stories are innovatively adapted and lavishly produced in this 21st century celebration of Marple. Episodes: 1-Sleeping Murder, 2-The Pricking of My ...

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Martin Clunes: Horse Power, The Animal (1 DVD, available)

Season 1, Episode 1: Martin Clunes follows humans' relationship with horses through the ages, exploring the animal's role in warfare, ceremony, farming, transport, sport..

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Martin Clunes: Horse Power, The Servant and the Symbol (1 DVD, available)

Season 1, Episode 2: Martin Clunes travels the world to unlock the secrets of man's partnership with horses in Horsepower.

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