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Cornerstone Society Lending Library

A Service for OPB Cornerstone Members and Business Partners

OHSU Brain Awareness Lecture Series 2005 (1 Audio CD, available)

Lecture 1 - Developing Your Child's Brain; Lecture 2 - Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll & the Teenage Brain; Lecture 3 - The Ethical Brain; Lecture ...

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OPB News 2007: Best of ...Five Stories... (1 Audio CD, available)

Five stories from OPB's Newsroom.

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On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying (1 VHS Tape, available)

Bill Moyers' exploration of death in America provides an intimate window into the daily experience of patients, their families and ...

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Oregon Art Beat Special: Everybody's Art (1 DVD, available)

Portlandia in Portland, bronze sculptures in Joseph, whale bones in Newport, colorful murals around the state - Oregon we're surrounded ...

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Oregon Art Beat Special: Masters of Jazz-The Next Generation (1 DVD, available)

What makes Oregon's jazz scene so special? And why are women from Portland like Esperanza Spalding taking the jazz ...

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Oregon Art Beat Special: Teaching creativity, Is Art the Answer? (1 DVD, available)

How important are activities like painting, band, choir or dance in Oregon's cash-strapped schools? As budgets are cut around ...

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Oregon Art Beat: ComedySportz, Cary Weigand, David Lipkind (1 DVD, available)

Episode #938: improvisational theater, ceramic artist Cary Weigand, harmonica player David Lipkind.

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Oregon Art Beat: Dennis McGregor, McDonald Bagpipers, Adam Arnold, Shakespeare Festival (1 DVD, available)

Episode #622: Painter and Songwriter Dennis McGregor, McDonald Bagpipe Band, Fashion Designer Adam Arnold, and a Shakespeare Festival review

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Oregon Art Beat: Discovering William Stafford (1 DVD, available)

William Stafford was a poet, a lifelong pacifist, and National Book Award winner. He was a conscientious objector during WWII ...

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Oregon Art Beat: Doug Randall, Gregory Grenon, David Jacobs-Strain (1 DVD, available)

Episode #936: glass artist Doug Randall, painter Gregory Grenon, singer and guitarist David Jacobs-Strain

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Oregon Art Beat: Heather MacKean, Lee Kelly, Obo Addy (1 DVD, available)

Episode #940: iconographer Heather MacKean, metal sculptor Lee Kelly, drummer Obo Addy

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Oregon Art Beat: Jim D'Ville, Paul Alan Bennett, Linda Ethier (1 DVD, available)

Episode #939: Ukulele player Jim D""Ville, painter Paul Alan Bennett, glass artist Linda Ethier

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Oregon Art Beat: Judy Vogland, Gideon Freudmann, Jerry Werner (1 DVD, available)

Episode #927: collage artist Judy Vogland, cellist Gideon Freudmann, and paint, carve, design, sculpt artist Jerry Werne

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Oregon Art Beat: Lorenzo Chiglieri, Michael Schlicting, Rubberneck, Kate Aspen (1 DVD, available)

Episode #207: sculptor Ghiglieri, Michael Schlicting, Rubberneck, and Gourd Artist Kate Aspen

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Oregon Art Beat: Michael Allen Harrison, Carson Ellis, Mike Leckie (1 DVD, available)

Episode #934: composer & performer Michael Allen Harrison, illustrator Carson Ellis, and Eugene sculptor Mike Leckie

Details/Add to List

Oregon Art Beat: Misty River Revisit, Lisa & Lori Lubbesmeyer, Well Arts Institute (1 DVD, available)

Episode #941: the Misty River band, an all-female acoustic quartet, two self-taught artists in fiber arts, and a life-changing arts ...

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Oregon Art Beat: Music Together, Shirley Gittelsohn, On View: Stephen Hayes & Yuval Golan (1 DVD, available)

#1507 November 21, 2013. Music Together is a long-running, popular, national kids and parents interactive music program. On View: a ...

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Oregon Art Beat: Nelson Davis, John Doan, Margot Voohries Thompson (1 DVD, available)

Episode #928: sculptor Nelson Davis, harp guitarist John Doan, mixed-media artist Margot Voohries Thompson.

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Oregon Art Beat: Nokie Edwards, Faith Rahill, De Organographia (1 DVD, available)

Episode #926: guitarist Nokie Edwards, ceramicist Faith Rahill, music artists Phillip and Gayle Neuman

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Oregon Art Beat: Ray Grimm & Family, Martin Eichinger (1 DVD, available)

Episode #933: ceramic artist Ray Grimm and family, sculptor Martin Eichinger

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Oregon Art Beat: Ron Rogers, Bill Keale, Waterfront Blue Festival (1 DVD, available)

Episode #935: Music artist Ron Rogers, Hawaiian style music artist Bill Keale, and Waterfront Blues Festival

Details/Add to List

Oregon Art Beat: Steve Allely, Mike Rich, Williams Ave. Jazz (1 DVD, available)

Episode #208 features: Painter Steve Allely, Screenwriter Mike Rich, and Williams Ave. Jazz

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Oregon Art Beat: Sunriver Young Artist's Scholarship, Bobby Torres, Bryan Johanson & the Portland Symphonic Choir (1 DVD, available)

Episode #825: the Sunriver Music Festival scholarships for classical music students from Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties, percussionist Bobby Torres ...

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Oregon Art Beat: The Art of Collecting Art (1 DVD, available)

In this half hour Oregon Art Beat Special, Producer KC Cowan explores why Portland (and Oregon) is such a great ...

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Oregon Art Beat: Tom Browning, Wheeler County Bluegrass, Portland Art Center (1 DVD, available)

Episode #911: painter Tom Browning, the Wheeler County Bluegrass Festival, and the Portland Art Center that is a nonprofit exhibition ...

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Oregon Art Beat: Tom Prochaska, Jimmy Mak's, Patrece Canoy (1 DVD, available)

Episode #929: painter Tom Prochaska, jazz club Jimmy Mak's, American Indian weaver Patrece Canoy

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Oregon Art Beat: Wang, Farooq Hassan, Edna Vasquez (1 DVD, available)

Episode 1326: people immigrate to America for lots of reasons. OREGON ART BEAT found three artists. Wang Gongyi, Farooq Hassan ...

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Oregon Experience: A Cuisine of Our Own (1 DVD, available)

James Beard changed the way Americans think about food. He championed fresh, quality ingredients in the heyday of TV dinners ...

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Oregon Experience: Abigail Scott Duniway (1 DVD, available)

A controversial newspaper editor, writer and suffragist, Abigail Scott Duniway rose from quite ordinary beginnings to become a nationally famed ...

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Oregon Experience: Beatrice Morrow Cannady (1 DVD, available)

Beatrice Morrow Cannady was a leading African-American civil rights activist in Portland during the early part of the 20th century ...

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