Gift Annuity Program

OPB. It’s part of your life. Make it part of your legacy.

You can increase your income and reduce your tax bill with an OPB Gift Annuity. It’s simple. It’s easy and your gift will support the incredible programming that feeds your curiosity, informs, and expands your horizons.

The program works like this: when you make a gift of $10,000 or more to fund an OPB gift annuity, you’ll receive a lifetime guaranteed income based on your age. In addition, you’ll receive a charitable tax deduction and part of your income is tax-free. Plus, you’ll be supporting OPB ensuring that our family, friends, and people around the region have access to the information and stories that enrich lives for generations to come.

To learn more, contact Jeri Kasal at 503-293-1941 or

OPB Gift Annuity Rate of Return (single life)
AgeRate AgeRate AgeRate
654.7% 755.8% 847.6%
66-674.8% 766% 857.8%
684.9% 776.2% 868%
695% 786.4% 878.2%
705.1% 796.6% 888.4%
715.3% 806.8% 898.7%
725.4% 817% 90+9%
735.5% 827.2%  
745.7% 837.4%  

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