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The OPB Legacy Society was established to thank and recognize the generous individuals who have remembered Oregon Public Broadcasting in their estate plans.

Ayla J. Abbott
Gay Abdon
Dana A. Abel and Charles P. Quinn
Bruce Abernethy
Jory and Gerald Abrams
Dan and Michelle
Marylou Alberdt
Marc Albert
Vince Alexander
Ms. Patti Allen
Megan Amort
Mr. Francis V. Anderson
Rex and Nancy Anderson
Debbie and Jeff Andrews
Susan M. Andrianoff and Jean Hillmer
Ms. Ricky Appleman
Susanne Arbow Cox and Jerry A. Cox
John W. Armbrust
The Armstrong Vincent Living Trust
Joe and Elise Astleford
Michael J. and Lynn Attwood
Charles Aubin
Robert and Terry Avila
Fritz and Florence Bachem
Ginger Badger and Ken Larson
Cheryl Ikemiya and Alden Bagnall
Gene Baker and Regina Brody
Chris and Ned Baker
Ms. Arvilla Ballard
Ms. Gretchen Baller
Ms. Teny M. Ballini
Sharon Bancroft
Barbara Bannister
Mr. Bruce R. Barney
Steve and Sara Bass
Deborah Baugh
Mary Beach
Betty L. Beck
Marjorie Beck
John and Patricia Beckman
Laura A. and Raymond Bekken
Judith B. Belk
Lynda Bell
Bruce L. and L. Josephine Bennett
Paul H. and Pat Benninghoff
Philippa Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bentley
Bridget Benton
Ms. Pamela Berg
Alvin & Marilynn Berg Fund
Gary and Cindy Bidiman
Kathleen A. Birch
William Bishop
Leonard Black
Cong. Earl Blumenauer and Ms. Margaret Kirkpatrick
Pamela Kay Bodenroeder
Mrs. Suzanne Boehme
Mike and Rose Booker
Jerry and Judi Booth
Vicki Borden
Rory Bowman
Rodney Bramlette
Theodore and Celia Brandt
Stephen L. and Marjorie M. Brenneke
Marcia Brett
Nancy Bridgeford and Rick Stiggins
Wendy Bridges
Joan Bridgman
Laurence and Joan Brousseau
Ted Brown
Mark A. Brownfield and Robin Chavis
Donna Brownstein
Tom Bucht and Tricia Santrock
Lisa C. Buellesbach
Terrill E. and Shannon D. Buffum
Dr. Teresa Bulman
Colleen Burch
Ms. Elizabeth L. Burke
Michael Burke
Robert Burpee
Thelma J. Butzlaff
Lora Byxbe
Leonard Cain and Roberta Badger-Cain
Tawni Caldwell
Mary Kay Callaghan
Miss Katherine R. Cameron
Doug and Carol Campbell
Ms. Ellen J. Cantwell
Sue Carey
Sue and Harold Carey
Angela and Marlan Carlson
Joel Carper
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Cebula
Adele and Mark Cerny
Nancy and William Chalmers
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chamberlain
Dr. Adam Chambers
Kathleen Chapman
Freda T. Chartier
Peter C. and Linda L. Christensen
Connie Christopher
Laurie Claassen
Rhoda Clapperton
Kathleen and Michael Clemens
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Clifton
Craig and Cherie Cline
Barbara Cohn
Mrs. Dallas Cole
Pat Collins
Mrs. Julie Collis
Charles Combs
Dennis and Cheryl Cone
Allen Conley
Tristin and Jeff Conner
David Cook and Mary Overgaard
Carolyn Cook
Morgan Cook
Fred and Joy Cooper
Marcia Cooperman
Mr. Greg Corkum
Jean Cottel
Sherman and Sheila Coventry
Lila and Tom Creager
Irene and Philip Crosby
Susan Crothers
Sharon Cummings
Connie and Alan Curteman
John G. and Harriet Curtis
Mary Ann and Alan Curtis
Dack Family Charitable Trust
Jack and Gloria Daggett
Joanne Dalsass
Les and Betty Davenport
Charles Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Davis
Barbara Davis
Jon and Nancy Decherd
Peter R. Dehn
Terrie Demierre and Donn Venema
Michael DeShane and Keren Brown Wilson
William Devereaux
Mary Lynne Diggs
David and Wendy Doerner
Roberta Dolp
Jane s. Urquhart-Donnelly and Jeffery L. Donnelly
Nancy Lee Dotterer
Ms. Beverly E. Doty
Deeann E. Dougherty
Heather Down
Mrs. A. L. Dressler
William and Cornelia J. Drevescraft
John and Anita Drew
Katherine S. Drumbor
Suzette Ducharme and Kalmen Glantz
Donna Dunaif
Ms. Avis Dunas
Clara E. Dunkin
Lawrence and Sandra Dunlap
Jake and Christine Ebrahimi
Penny Edmonds
Gregory and Karlen Edwards
Dorothy Egbert
Tom S. Eggers and Leslie Woods
Ron Eisen
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Elfbrandt
David and Sonja Ellis
Alan and Barbara Ely
Marian Ely
Dorothy Emig
Joe and Deb Emmerich
Ms. Judith Erickson
Ms. Beth K. Erickson
Jean Erickson-Goldsmith & Andy Goldsmith
Craig and Pat Eucken
Del and Margaret Jean Eurick
Sharon L. and Robert D. Evans
Richard Eyde
Daniel and Sharon Fako
Frank Falch
Robert E. and E. Ramona Farrell
Linda J. Faulkner
Mark and Nancy Feichtinger
Louise P. Feldman
Linda and James Fenner
Beth Ferris
Louise Fiess
William Findlay and Susan Halton Fund of the OCF
Robert Finger
Rita and Garry S. Finlay
Roland and Irma Fisher
Sheri Fitts and Greg Haworth
Greg and Carol Flakus
Nayan A. Fleenor
Frank and Monica Flori
Dorothy B. Flynn
Janine Forehand
Linda Forrest and Warren Holmes
Bill and Ernie Foster
Heidi M. and Gerald D. Fox
Kathy Fox
Ling-Ling and Thomas Frado
Ruth A. Franco
J. D. Franklin
Beatrice J. Fraser
Ralph Fullerton and Myra Friedman
Dorothy D. Gage
Jean Galligan
Walter and Patricia Garvin
Janice and Robert Gates
Janice Gerdemann
Larry F. and Carol J. Germann
Ann M. Gilbert
Nancy Gilbert
Pam Glenn
Julia Goin
Richard and Judy Gordon
Bob Gordon
Bob and Soo Kim Gordon
Edward J. and Elizabeth A. Gordon
Ms. Corinne Gosnell
Mrs. Marjory Gossler
Richard L. and Jeanne L. Grant
Muriel Gray
Robert and Susan Gray
Katharine Greco
Mark Greenfield and Jane Hartline
Mr. Len R. Greger
Jacqueline T. Grosse'
Julien Guillaumot
Patricia Guy
Andrea Hall
Halton Foundation
Donovan and Karen Hammer
Linda D. Handshaw
Doug Hansen
Randy and Terry Hanson
Mrs. Gena Hardin
Carol Harley
Beverly Harper
Sharon O. and Peter E. Harr
Chris Harrington and Stephen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harris
Michael B. Harrison
Kay Hartsock
Terrie Hartsough
Carol L. Hausauer
Melba and Harold Hauser
Sarah and Robert Hawkins
Mrs. Pat A. Haynie
Ms. Ruth Hayward
Franny Heald
Kris Heath
Eric Heit
Mr. J. Ivan Legg and Ms. Carrol Heller
Eric and Bonnie Helpenstell
Ms. Linda L. Hendrix
Randy Hennen
Sandy and Jason Hennig
Mark and Kelly C. Hepner
Richard Herb
Emily Herbert
Julie Herman
Ms. Diane Herrmann
Judith and Charles Hervey
Ron and Barbara Higbee
G P. Hill
David and Laura Hiller
David G. Hmiel and Christine N. Knowles
Jay and Larkin Holavarri
David and Maryanne Holman
John Hopp
Susan Hubbuch
Dean Hulbert
Mike and Carol Huntington
Dr. Linda K. Hurley and Mr. Tom O'Connell
Joan Ivan
Christine Iwai
Gene Jacobs
Carol James
Ms. Gretchen W. Janssen
Dolores Jeffcott
Frank and Julia Jellison
Mr. Curtis R. Jenkins
John and Regina Jenkins
Cheryl Caine Jennison
Bill Jeschke
Beryl Johansen
George and Phyllis Johanson
Larry Johnson
Leslie S. Johnson
Benton Johnson
Tom and Joanne P. Johnson
Mr. Hugh Johnston
Cathy and Lloyd Jones
Kevin F. Jones and Linda J. Herd
Mr. Steve Jones
Ms. Sandra Joos and Mr. John Gale
Jacqueline Joseph
Herbert and Janice M. Jubin
Ms. Nancy Judy
Norma Juhr
Steven Kale
Ms. Brenda Kameenui
Gary Kant
Jeri Kasal
Christine Katica
Dean Kauffman
Mr. Julian L. Kaufman
Thomas and Shirley Kay
Dr. Sivia Kaye
Mrs. Ruth M. Kenney
Bob Kenyon
Steve and Marilyn Kerman
Ann and Gerald Kerr
Rachael Kester
Ms. Mary Jane Kilhefner
Dr. Reid Kimball and Dr. Barbara Radmore Kimball
Lora and Steve Kinder
Dr. Rita Kirk Powell and Mr. Ted Powell
Julie and John Kloucek
Ms. Nancy J. Knight
Jay Knight
Ms. Ruth A. Koenig
Allen Koester and Sharon Hamner
Mrs. Molly Kohnstamm
Paul and Janet Komar
Teddi Korevaar
Robert Kraft
Ann L. Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kulog
Wes and Roseda A. Kvarsten
Marijo Labrousse
Myra Lader
Ms. Dorothy Jean Lamb
Tim Lamb
Ms. Jean Lamb
Terry J. and Ray Lambeth
Richard Lance and Leanne Latterell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Landauer
W. M. and Martha Lanham
Walter Larsen
Joy Lasseter
Sandy Leach
Ms. Sally A. Leake
Donna M. Lebold
Nadene Lecheminant and Richard Yates
Elizabeth Lee and Daniel Pasko
Kathryn Leech
John Leonard
Mrs. Jane Leonhardt
Melinda and Joseph Leroy
Emily E. Leslie
Gary J. Lettman
Geoff and Joyce Levear
Brian and Chris Lewis
Ms. Muriel D. Lezak
Judith and Hiram Li
Eric and Hollie Lindauer
Roy Lisi
Mike Little
Huaiyu Liu
Darvel Lloyd
Ms. Blake Livingston
Ms. Carol Lockard
Patricia and Thomas A. Loder
Ms. Rivkah Loewus
Patty Lofgren
Peter and Sandy L. Lofy
Joan Loomis
Jay Lorenz and Wendy Dembo
Linda Lorenz and Michael Powers
Donald M. Lowe
John Lund
Helen and Paul Lyons
Susan Maasch and Vincent Sikorski
Ralph Mabee
Kathleen A. Mace
Daisy Mackillican
Pamela and Jon MacLellan
Joan Maguren
Jeanette and Bill Maier
Ron and Ann Marek
Carol Markewitz
Lt. Col. Mal Marlborough
S L. Martin and P F. Flowers
Katrina Martin
Michael Marx and Donald Marshall
Dave and Ruby Mason
Glen Mason
Marlene Massey
Jim and Mary H. Mattis
Barbara Mattison
John and Christine McAfee
Mrs. Edwyna McAninch and Dr. Edward McAninch
Marty McCall
Leah McCann
Roy McClain
Bob and Bente McClanathan
Sharon McCormack
Bill McCracken and Pam Husband
Stanley and Lena McCune
Greg Jakovina and Larry McDonald
William McDonald
Ms. Marian McGowan
Jack and Jan McGowan
Brenda P. McGowan
P. McIntyre
Dean and Lucile McKenzie
James O. and Nancy Mckinnon
Stephen McLaughlin
Beverley McRae
Maureen C. Mcshane
Christine M. Meadows
Patty A. Meehan
Peter and Jane Melhuish
Deb Merchant
Herb Merker and Marcy Hammock
Linda Merker
Kristine and Jim Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Metcalf
Tate and Aimee Metcalf
Dan Metziga and Senka Lenn
Erica Meyer-Arendt
Debbie Migues
Patricia Miller
Gayle Miller
Doug and Dee Dee Miller
Abigail Miller-Scott
Connie Millhollen
Mike and Nancy Mills
Consuelo and Fred Miranda
Judy Bradley and Dave Mitchell
Richard Mohrlang and Gail Mohrlang
Earl D. and Clara Moomey
Sharon L. Moore
Janet C. Morlan and James Good
John and Gretchen Morris
Catherine Morrow
Greg Morse
Melvyn and Wendy Mortensen
Carl Moseley
Ann Mueller
Marcia Mueller
Clarke Murphy
Dr. Richard C. Nau
Frances A. Neeley
Maryanna Negley and Bill O'Neill
Linda Nelson
Susan Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. T Nelson
Sheila J. Nelson
Huong Nguyen and Anthony Naylor
Sandra Nicassio
Daniel L. and Linda R. Noga
Sally S. Norby
Debra Nord
George and Jane Norman
Paul and Lucia Norris
Dale and Shirley Nusom
Ruth Oclander
Terri Kay O'Connor
Wendy Beth Oliver
Loren Olsen
Lynette and Matthew C. Olsen
Harry A. Olson
Katherine O'Neil and Toby Graff
Patricia Opdyke
Maynard E. Orme and Lynne deVries
Greg Osborn
Michelle A. Othus
Marianne Ott
Joy and Wylie Overstreet
Sarah Owens
Kathy F. Oxborrow
David and Patty Page
Dixie and Russ Paglia
Sally Palmer
Barbara Panek
Sandra Pargman
Arlene Pate
William and Joyce Patterson
Loretta and Travis Paulson
Bill Pearcy and Amy Schoener
Ann K. Pedersen
Niels F. Pedersen and Amna Hussain
Kay Pendleton
Kathleen A. Penwarden
Georgann Percival
Mr. Tom H. and Mrs. Gloria Peterson
Lee H. and Adrianne Peterson
Lee B. Petersen
Jennifer Peterson
Ann Philiben
Carol Lynn Philips
Lucille H. Pierce
William and Marsha Pike
Richard Piper
Nancy and Rob Pisarek
Rebecca S. and Roger Platt
Nancy O. and Les Pliskin
George and Cathy Poetschat
Dick and Edie Polson
Cathryn Pool
Robert and Marna Porath
Bruce A. Powell and Ellen H. Sands
Jeff Powell
Jen Powrie
Sharon Prange
Mildred and Shannon Pratt
Diane and Don Price
Claire A. Puchy
Gerald Puckette
Dennis J. Puetz and Donna French
Tom and Pam Pugsley
Paige A. Pyner
Rosemary Quast
Mike Quigley
MaryJo Radosevich and Eileen P. Brown
Gary L. and Sandy G. Ragsdale
Ms. Emily Rampton
Avis Rana
Russ and Mary Raney
Mark and Nichol Rauch
Diane C. Raven
Angie Rawson
Phyllis Ray
Dr. Stephen G. Ray
Donald and Elizabeth Rea
Mr. Dale W. Read, Jr. and Ms. Priscilla Read
Bonnie and Peter Reagan
Dr. Amy C. Ream
Mae Reeves
Dr. Jerome M. Reich
Philip J. Reiter
Aggie Renn Hill
Patricia Reynolds
Randall and Marjorie Rhine
Thomas Rich
Mr. Robert and Ms. Anne Richardson
Jennifer Richter
Roy Rider
Ms. Diane Ring
Greg Ripke
Mary J. Rivera
Carol Robinson
Colleen Roe
Steven and Catherine Rogosin
Richard and Yvonne Rook
Kenneth Ross
Gayle Rothrock
Jerzy and Sharon Rub
Dr. and Mrs. Laurens Ruben
Mrs. Charlotte Rubin
Jeanann and Rod Russell
Linda and Martin Sage
Lynette Sahnow and Jeffrey Jones
Charlotte Sahnow and Alan L. Eliason
Mr. Mohammad Saleh
Basja Samuelson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sayre-Smith
Cynthia Scanlon and Susan E. Schneider
Doris M. Scharpf
Michael Scheetz
Janelle and Kenneth Schissel
Carol Schlenker
Olive Schluter
Craig Schmele and Susan Meyers
Ted and Susan Schneider
Mark and Deirdre Schneider
Carol Schnitzer Lewis
Mina Schoenheit
Sara Schreiber
Donna Schreiner
Carl and LaVerne Schroeter
Beverly Schwartz
Grace C. Scott
James T. and Julie A. Searcy
Joann E. Seibert
Bruce S. Seiler and Cheryl Stinson
Mrs. Pat Serrurier
Rainbow and Jason Seth
Ken and Adrienne Sexton
Mr. Craig E. Shambaugh
Jim Shanks
Charles and Marion Shanks
Sandra Jean Shaw
Susan and Dennis Shawn
Mr. Stu Shelley
Paula and David J. Sherden
Karen H. Sheridan
Bob and Barbara Sherman
Susan A. Shumway
Chris Shuraleff
Gail Sieckman
Eleanor and Lawrence Simmons
C K. Siu
Patrick A. and Layne M. Slabe
Martin and Wendy Small
Douglas and Teresa Smith
David Smith and Libby Schwartz
Michael A. Smith
Shauna Smith
Dr. Stephen M. Smith
Jeanne Smith
Donna Smith
Sidnee Snell and Alan Petersen
Julia Snell
Roberta L. Snider
Patricia A. Somsel
Nancy Sorensen
Tim Soucy
Roberta Sparks
Marilyn South Mathis
Michele Spencer
Scott Spinks
Barbara and Wayne Splawn
Winnie St. John and Jeff Omodt
Laura and Rodger Steenhoek
Stephen Stehman
Sherma Stenger
Ms. Bonnie Stern
Christine Sternberg
Ms. Coralie Stevens
Michelle Suffian
Randy Suhrbier
Carol J. Sutherland
Richard Sutliff and Donna Henderson
Sue Sutter
Clifford Swan
Vaughn Swanson and Mary Soden Swanson
Jeanne' E R Sweet
Mrs. Alicia Swindel
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Swindells
Russell J. and Marie J. Taber
Helen Tallman
Ms. Shelly L. Taranoff
Martha Taylor and Mr. Chris Bennett
Mrs. M. Joan Taylor
Mike Terhell
Ms. Judith A. Terry
Tamara Thiel
Peter and Suzanne Thompson
Christine and Lynn Thompson
Philip W. Thor and Elizabeth T. Pratt
William Thornton
Jacqueline M. Thou
Alex Thurber
Ronald Tinnell and James Colligan
Roger and Karen Tobin
Horace E. and Lois Todd
Mary Tossey
Michael Toth and Sherwin Davidson
Harry and May Towne
David and Linda Tozer
Tom Tracey
Destiny Triplett
Leslie Turks
Diane Uto and Keith Mobley
Ingeborg A. Vaden
Peter and Barbara Vassler
Mr. and Mrs. David Vernier
Leeann Voegele
Michelle Vosika-Cooper
Sarah E. Vowles
Carol Wadsworth
Emogene Waggoner
Mick and Holli Wagner
Richard Waid
John Walstad
Marlene Waltman
Julia B. Warner
Martha Anne and David Warnke
Barbara A. Watson
Carol and Al Webb
Yvonne B. Weber
Tracey Weidner
Wendy Weissman
Heather Weldon and Michael Squire
Richard Wendland
Alice West
Lisa and Steve Westenberg
Chris and Rhonda Wheeler
Kristen A. Whitby
C V. and Penelope A. White
Judith C. White-Munro and Jim Munro
Lee Wickland
Glenna M. Wilder
Ronald D. Williams
Coralie Wilson
Dr. Alice N. Winczer
Julianne Winder
Rich Wittrup
Duane Woik
Anne K. Woodbury
Kenneth Yan
Mr. Kenneth Yeats
Thomas J. York
Muriel Youmans
Lucile Young
Carollee Young
Judy Zacharias
Michael and Susan Zaretsky
Gudrun Zimmermann
Jo and Steve Zimmermann
Mike Zulauf
Kelly and Mike Zusman

If you have included OPB in your will or estate plan and would like to join the OPB Legacy Society, please contact Jeri Kasal, Associate Director of Gift Planning, at 503.293.1941 or