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Bullseye Glass

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Air Quality Improves Near Portland Glass Factory

AP | Oct. 25, 2016 7:04 a.m. | Portland

The Oregon Health Authority says levels of airborne heavy metals near Bullseye Glass are 98 percent lower than when they were first measured last year.

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Oregon Health Authority Reports Selenium Spike Near SE Portland Daycare

OPB | Sept. 16, 2016 5:36 p.m.

The Oregon Health Authority says an increase in selenium concentrations near Bullseye Glass Company has prompted an inspection.  

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Bullseye Neighbors, Customers Watch And Wait For DEQ Rulemaking

OPB | July 5, 2016 11:53 p.m. | Portland OR

While the state Department of Environmental Quality is working out a permanent system of rules, there’s still a long list of people with unanswered questions about the art glass business and human health.

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What’s New In Bullseye Glass Agreement With Oregon DEQ

OPB | June 7, 2016 12:15 a.m. | Portland

DEQ's Keith Johnson lays out what the agreement will and won't do for Bullseye's production.

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Bullseye Glass Cutting Staff Hours Starting Monday

OPB | May 23, 2016 9:26 a.m. | Portland

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality said the company may not make glass using a list of nine metals. Bullseye said this effectively eliminates 80 percent of its product lines.

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Washington's Spectrum Glass To Close Citing Financial Issues, EPA Scrutiny

OPB | May 12, 2016 8:35 a.m. | Portland

The company is one of three major art glass makers in the region.

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Health Officials Find 'Small' Cancer Increase Near Portland Glass Factories

OPB | April 1, 2016 4:05 p.m. | Portland

Health officials say there was a small but significant increase in the number of bladder cancers in North Portland over five years — between 1999 and 2003.

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State Says Health Risks Around Portland Glass Manufacturers Are Low

OPB | March 9, 2016 3:13 p.m. | Portland

The announcement comes after weeks of concern following a study of moss and air that found arsenic levels 159 times higher than is considered safe, and cadmium levels 49 times higher.

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Bullseye Glass Takes Step To Add Air Pollution Filters

OPB/EarthFix | March 4, 2016 5 p.m.

The artistic glass maker at the center of Portland’s toxic air pollution controversy is taking steps to control its emissions.

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People Near Glass Makers Want More State Help

OPB | March 1, 2016 4:16 p.m. | Portland

Families living near Portland glass manufacturers say they’re not getting enough help from the state to check potentially toxic heavy metal pollution.