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'OPB Politics Now': A Tale Of 2 Revenue Forecasts

OPB | May 18, 2017 3:37 p.m.

We talk about what motivated voters who weighed in on school bonds across Oregon, and why lawmakers have such different interpretations of the quarterly revenue forecast.

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REBROADCAST: The Lives Of Teachers

OPB | May 18, 2017 noon

We spend the hour learning about the lives of two Oregon teachers.

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The Promise And Peril Of School Vouchers

NPR | May 15, 2017 5:29 a.m.

Indiana's private school voucher program is the largest of its kind in the U.S. Whether it's "social justice" or "an assault" on public schools depends on whom you ask.

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Education On The Ballot | Airplane Living

OPB | May 10, 2017 noon

We visit Bruce Campbell, who has made a home inside an airplane outside of Hillsboro. And we'll learn about the education issues on the Portland ballot for next week's election.

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PPS' Pick For Superintendent Turns Down The Job

OPB | May 4, 2017 2:40 p.m. | Portland

Atlanta school administrator Donyall Dickey has turned down an offer to lead Portland Public Schools, a blow to the district as it seeks voter approval of a $790 million bond.

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Oregon's Plan For High Schools: No State Tests, 90 Percent Graduation

OPB | May 3, 2017 10:51 a.m. | Portland

Oregon's federally required plan would drop the state test in high school and work toward a 90 percent graduation goal by 2025.

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Portland Public Schools Give Preview Of Remodeled Franklin High School

OPB | May 2, 2017 4:50 p.m. | Portland

Portland Public Schools gave a preview Tuesday of what its modernized schools look like. The tour came just before voters decide on a large bond later this month. 

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'OPB Politics Now': Is There Any Money For Schools?

OPB | April 27, 2017 1:10 p.m.

Voters across the state are being asked to devote millions in new money for Oregon schools, while lawmakers try to come up with more education funding. 

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High School Sports In Beaverton Face Gender Bias Questions

OPB | April 26, 2017 4:16 p.m. | Beaverton, Oregon

The Beaverton School District has agreed to work with state officials on an audit of its high school athletics programs. But some parents are pushing for faster action.

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Oregon Bill Would Shield Sexual Assault Victims From Underage Drinking Charges

OPB | April 25, 2017 4:25 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Sexual assault victims under age 21 could come forward to police without being cited for underage alcohol possession under a measure moving ahead in the Oregon Legislature.

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Oregon Measure 98's Future Clouded By Funding Shortfall

OPB | April 20, 2017 2:13 p.m. | Portland

Voters easily passed Measure 98 last November to bolster career education and other programs. Paying for it is proving difficult.

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Class Of 2025: From Homeschooled To Homeless

OPB | April 12, 2017 7:45 a.m. | Portland

The relationship between home and school is evolving for thousands of Oregon children.

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Oregon Governor Urges Higher Education Panel To Scrutinize Tuition Increases

OPB | April 11, 2017 5:48 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is leaning on the state's public college and universities to curb tuition increases.

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Time Running Out For Washington Lawmakers To Get Budget Deal

Northwest News Network | April 11, 2017 7:30 a.m. | Olympia, Washington

Time is running out for Washington lawmakers to negotiate a state budget that complies with a Supreme Court ruling to fully fund schools.

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Life In A Town For Sale | Education Goals In The Oregon Legislature | Prison Lockdown | Oregon Dept. Of Energy

OPB | April 10, 2017 noon

A small town in Southern Oregon is for sale. What are the legislature's statewide education goals? How does the Oregon Dept. of Corrections handle riots? An overhaul of the state Department of Energy is being proposed.

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University Of Oregon To Cut 31 Jobs — 21 Instructors

The Register-Guard | April 6, 2017 5:28 p.m. | Eugene, Oregon

The largest college within the University of Oregon is cutting 31 jobs, primarily instructors of humanities topics with declining interest from students.

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Washington Legislative Leaders Won't Release Records Related To Education Funding Fix

Northwest News Network | April 3, 2017 2:38 p.m. | Olympia, Washington

Washington lawmakers are working this year to craft a solution to the state's school funding crisis. Much of their work is happening behind the scenes...

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Oregon's Online Schools Offer Flexibility, But Graduation Rates Lag Behind

OPB | April 3, 2017 6 a.m. | Portland

Parents appreciate the flexibility of online charter schools, but the schools' graduation rates lag below Oregon's average.

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How Can Workplaces Better Serve Employees With Autism?

OPB | March 24, 2017 noon | Portland

Portland State University social work professor Dora Raymaker said she wouldn't have survived her professional life without workplace accommodations.

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Fewer Teachers, Larger Classes: Oregon Schools Itemize Budget Cuts

OPB | March 23, 2017 11:38 a.m. | Portland

School districts across Oregon are warning of potentially deep budget cuts, if legislators don’t find additional money for public schools.