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Pendleton Round-Up

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Pendleton Round-Up Host Says No To Confederate Flag Vendor

East Oregonian | Sept. 4, 2017 7:43 a.m. | Pendleton, Oregon

Round-Up week’s most visible purveyor of the Stars and Bars will not be back on Pendleton’s Main Street this year.

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Pendleton Round-Up Star Of New Documentary By Sufjan Stevens

OPB | Jan. 22, 2015 12:46 p.m. | Portland

The Pendleton Round-Up is known for being a fast-paced and chaotic rodeo, which is exactly why singer-musician Sufjan Stevens decided to slow down the action in his new documentary.

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Oregon Historical Photo: Stagecoach Racing At The Pendleton Round-Up

OPB | Jan. 19, 2015 midnight

The Pendleton Round-Up has been exciting spectators for over a century. Find out how this truly Oregon event, which has featured exhibitions of fancy roping, trick riding and stagecoach racing, got its start.

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East Oregonian: Chinese Film Crew Descends On Pendleton Round-Up

east_oregonian | Sept. 11, 2014 1:24 p.m. | Pendleton, Oregon

Thanks to a travel show from a Chinese television station, 70 million more eyes and ears could get the chance to experience the Pendleton Round-Up.

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Oregon Historical Photo: Champion Lady Buckaroo

OPB | April 7, 2014 midnight

At the 1912 Pendleton Round-Up, Tillie Baldwin was crowned champion at trick riding and wild bronc riding.