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Air Pollution

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Mega-Dairy Air Pollution Threat Puts Environmentalists On Alert

NWPR/EarthFix | April 11, 2017 4:30 p.m. | Boardman, Oregon

Mega-dairies are finding themselves in conflict with neighbors and environmentalists because of their contributions to air pollution.

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Southeast Portland Residents Sue Precision Castparts Over Pollution

Pamplin Media Group | July 13, 2016 7:52 a.m. | Portland

Six residents of Southeast Portland have filed two separate class-action lawsuits against Precision Castparts Corp., alleging that its toxic air emissions have harmed their health and decreased property values.

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How Precision Castparts Got Its New Stormwater Pollution Controls

OPB | April 30, 2016 3:50 p.m.

The Portland company Precision Castparts has been under scrutiny for pollution. It says its spending $17 million on new environmental controls, but one upgrade is the result of a settlement.

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Health Officials Find 'Small' Cancer Increase Near Portland Glass Factories

OPB | April 1, 2016 4:05 p.m. | Portland

Health officials say there was a small but significant increase in the number of bladder cancers in North Portland over five years — between 1999 and 2003.

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State Says Health Risks Around Portland Glass Manufacturers Are Low

OPB | March 9, 2016 3:13 p.m. | Portland

The announcement comes after weeks of concern following a study of moss and air that found arsenic levels 159 times higher than is considered safe, and cadmium levels 49 times higher.

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Bullseye Glass Takes Step To Add Air Pollution Filters

OPB/EarthFix | March 4, 2016 5 p.m.

The artistic glass maker at the center of Portland’s toxic air pollution controversy is taking steps to control its emissions.

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Seattle Law Firm Files Class Action Lawsuit Over Portland Air Pollution

OPB | March 3, 2016 3:44 p.m. | Portland

Seven plaintiffs have filed a class action lawsuit against Bullseye Glass, a Southeast Portland manufacturer accused of emitting unhealthy levels of toxic heavy metals.

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People Near Glass Makers Want More State Help

OPB | March 1, 2016 4:16 p.m. | Portland

Families living near Portland glass manufacturers say they’re not getting enough help from the state to check potentially toxic heavy metal pollution.

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The Global Reach Of Bullseye Glass

OPB | Feb. 26, 2016 4:47 p.m. | Portland

Glassmaker's emission problem sends ripples through global art glass community.

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Legislative Leaders On Lawmaking | Air Pollution in SE Portland

OPB | Feb. 23, 2016 12:06 p.m.

We talk with lawmakers in Salem about how the short legislation is looking. And we talk with parents, regulators and activists about air pollution hot spots in southeast Portland.

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Reed College Cancels Ritual Plane Burning, Citing Air Quality Concerns

OPB | Feb. 20, 2016 3:54 p.m.

In one of the stranger consequences of Portland's air pollution scare, a Japanese sculptor has agreed to forgo the ritual burning of his artwork, which has been on display at Reed College.

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Portland-Area Leaders Say They'll Create Local Air Agency, If DEQ Doesn't Act

OPB | Feb. 18, 2016 9:23 p.m. | Portland

Multnomah County chair Deborah Kafoury and Portland Mayor Charlie Hales wrote to Governor Kate Brown pressing for more state action. Absent that, they could form a new air quality agency.

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Wyden: Loophole 'The Size Of A Lunar Crater' Allowed Portland Pollution

OPB | Feb. 18, 2016 4:18 p.m.

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said Thursday he's worried about the regulatory gap that allowed high levels of heavy metals pollution to be released into the air in Portland.

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EPA Sets Tougher Pollution Standards For Oil Refineries

KUOW/EarthFix | Sept. 29, 2015 4:45 p.m.

The Environmental Protection Agency releases new rules requiring better monitoring and control of air emissions from  oil refineries, including  five operating in Washington.