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News Roundtable | State Employee Healthcare Costs | OPB's Eric Cain

OPB | April 7, 2017 noon

Lawmakers are looking at government employee health care as a way of cutting costs. Eric Cain joins us to discuss his 30-year career with OPB. And we discuss other big news of the week.

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Eugene Council Mulls Downtown Bans On Dogs, Smoking

The Register-Guard | Feb. 9, 2017 7 a.m. | Eugene, Oregon

Eugene city councilors will consider trial bans — with some exceptions — on dogs and smoking in public places downtown.

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Kate Brown To Take Oath, Deliver Inaugural Address Monday

OPB | Jan. 6, 2017 5:11 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will be sworn in for another two years Monday.

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'OPB Politics Now': New Year, New Portland City Government

OPB | Jan. 6, 2017 9:22 a.m.

Will Ted Wheeler buck the trend of one-term mayors in Portland? For our first episode of 2017, we look at the challenges of running the city at a time when incivility is rampant at council meetings.

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Is Portland City Hall A Safe Place To Work?

OPB | Jan. 5, 2017 10:24 a.m. | Portland

New Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler faces the dual challenge of making City Hall welcoming to the public while also protecting city staff. Some government employees say their workplace doesn't feel safe.

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New Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Faces Rising Incivility And Anger At City Hall

OPB | Jan. 3, 2017 4:36 p.m. | Portland

New Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler faces many of the same challenges as mayors across the country: Rising housing prices, distrust of the police, aging city streets — and an erosion of basic civility at City Hall.

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No Oath-Taking By Skype, Says Oregon Department Of Justice

OPB | Dec. 28, 2016 4:58 p.m.

If you're a newly elected public official in Oregon, you may have an additional task to squeeze in between the holiday family gatherings: taking the oath of office.

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Audit Finds Problems At Oregon's Water Resources Department

OPB | Dec. 16, 2016 2:50 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

The review by the Oregon Secretary of State's office finds the agency doesn't have enough staff to adequately monitor and analyze water usage across the state.

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Washington State Lawmaker Defends Against Ethics Charges After Social Media Sharing

Northwest News Network | Dec. 13, 2016 5:18 p.m.

Washington's youngest state lawmaker, Republican Melanie Stambaugh, is defending herself against ethics charges related to her social media practices.

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Report: States' Push For Control Of Federal Lands Has Weak Legal Footing

AP | Sept. 30, 2016 12:48 p.m. | Salt Lake City

Utah is pushing to gain control of millions of acres of federal lands — an issue raised in the Oregon standoff. But Western attorneys general say that effort has little chance of succeeding.

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Lobbyist: Oregon May Be Sued Over Open Records Legislation

Daily Astorian | Sept. 1, 2016 12:26 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Draft legislation submitted by the Oregon attorney general would set a deadline for public bodies to respond to records requests.

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House Budget Bill Would Block Owyhee Monument

OPB | July 19, 2016 10:18 a.m.

The House bill includes language to block funding for new national monuments created by the president.

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Voter Privacy, Emergency Clause Measures Miss Oregon Ballot

Northwest News Network | July 16, 2016 9:57 a.m. | Salem, Oregon

Two initiatives — one focused on voter privacy and the other on emergency clauses in the legislature — have failed to qualify for the Oregon ballot.

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Former Communications Director Sues Kitzhaber Over Alleged Retaliation

OPB | July 16, 2016 9:35 a.m.

Nkenge Harmon Johnson has filed a federal civil rights complaint against former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes.

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President Obama Calls For Support Of Turkish Government

AP | July 15, 2016 4:26 p.m. | Washington

President Obama is urging all parties in Turkey to support the democratically-elected government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Turkish President Tells Supporters Government Is In Charge

AP | July 15, 2016 1:16 p.m. | Ankara, Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the nation Saturday that his government is in charge after a coup attempt brought a night of explosions, air battles and gunfire across the capital

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In Suburban Fairview, Infighting And Insults Are The New Political Normal

OPB | July 7, 2016 2:55 p.m. | Fairview, Oregon

Small-town politics have turned big-city nasty in one Portland suburb. "It's a lot like our nation's capital, our Congress, but I think it's even worse," said former Mayor Mike Weatherby.

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Proposed Pay Raises For Vancouver Leaders Gets Pushback

OPB | May 12, 2016 12:10 p.m. | Vancouver, Washington

In January, the salary for the mayor of Vancouver, Washington is set to increase from $27,600 to $60,000. That doesn’t include things like health care and retirement benefits. Pay for city councilors will increase from $21,600 to $32,500.

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Poll: Despite Bernie Sanders' Crowds, Hillary Clinton Ahead In Oregon

OPB | May 9, 2016 5:14 p.m. | Portland

Bernie Sanders has drawn the crowds, but a new poll suggests Hillary Clinton may well win the Oregon presidential primary. On the Republican side, Donald Trump has a healthy lead. 

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Bernie Sanders To Campaign In Salem Tuesday

OPB | May 7, 2016 2:43 p.m.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will return to Oregon on Tuesday, May 10, to speak at the Salem Armory Auditorium.