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Oil Spill

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Washington Highway Closed After Semi Crash, Oil Spill

OPB | June 27, 2017 12:05 p.m.

All lanes on Washington state Route 14 are closed after a semi-trailer crashed, spilling thousands of gallons of hot oil on the highway.

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A Forgotten Hero's Shipwreck Imperils Washington's Oysters

OPB | March 26, 2017 12:30 p.m. | Bay Center, Washington

Bay Center residents in Southwest Washington feared the worst when a neglected boat began to sink in the Palix River. Leaking oil was a concern to local oyster farmers in nearby Willapa Bay.

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Mosier Oil Train Derailment Costs Near $9 Million

The Columbian | Dec. 3, 2016 10:59 a.m.

By most accounts, the region narrowly avoided catastrophe that June afternoon. And although the numbers will likely increase, Union Pacific is expected to foot the bill.

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How Bad Could The Mosier Oil Spill Have Been?

Northwest News Network | Aug. 10, 2016 4:29 p.m.

Many in Mosier say the derailment of a train carrying Bakken crude could have been much worse than it was.

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Oregon, Union Pacific Use Microbes To Clean Up Oil Train Spill

Northwest News Network | Aug. 10, 2016 4:02 p.m.

Union Pacific Railroad will be working with Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality to clean up oil that spilled from a derailed train in Mosier, Oregon.

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Oil Trains In Washington | Earthquakes In Indian Country | Imaginary Friends | Soviet Diaspora: Family

OPB | June 9, 2016 noon

We explore oil train traffic on the Washington side of the gorge, how Native American tribes are preparing for a Cascadia earthquake, the psychology of imaginary friends, and how post-Soviet immigrant families navigate generational and cultural divides.

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Is Washington Ready For The Next Big Oil Spill?

Crosscut | April 25, 2016 12:45 p.m. | Anacortes, Washington

Is Washington ready for the next big one? That’s the question the state Department of Ecology had in mind at the first-of-its-kind “worst-case” oil spill drill in Puget Sound.

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Herrera Beutler Pushes More Oil Train Spill Planning

OPB | April 22, 2016 12:21 p.m. | Vancouver, Washington

Washington Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler has introduced a bill that would help firefighters around the country better plan for oil train derailments.

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Crews Work To Clean Up Fuel Spill In Columbia River

OPB | Feb. 19, 2016 7:34 a.m.

Washington state officials are working to clean up about 80 gallons of fuel that spilled into the Columbia River near Kalama on Thursday.


W.Va. Oil Train Derailment Has NW Lawmakers Thinking About Safety

Northwest Public Radio | Feb. 18, 2015 6:15 p.m.

This week’s fiery oil train derailment in West Virginia has lawmakers thinking about oil-by-rail safety through the Northwest.

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Legislation Would Mandate Bigger Crews On Oil Trains

KUOW | Feb. 3, 2015 3:25 p.m. | SEATTLE, Wash.

How many crew members should be required aboard an oil train? New legislation recommends more than there are currently.

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Wash. Lawmakers Kick Off Session With Work On Oil-Train Safety

KUOW | Jan. 15, 2015 5 p.m. | OLYMPIA, Wash.

State senators waste little time this session before starting the debate over how best to respond to the rapid increase of oil train traffic in Washington.

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Washington Weighs Vessel Cleanup Rule Changes

OPB | Aug. 6, 2013 2:44 p.m. | Vancouver, Washington

The Washington Department of Ecology may dismantle derelict vessels in water instead of requiring the work at dry-dock facilities.

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How Big Was The Gulf Oil Spill Compared To Oregon?

Ecotrope | Aug. 27, 2012 11:09 a.m.

Another great find by OPB's Vince Patton: Check out this BBC tool for sizing up historic places and events. The mapping program overlays your zip code (or any other you choose) with the size and shape of icons such as the Twin Towers, the moon, the Great Wall of China or the Burning Man festival.

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Environmental Update

OPB | Nov. 30, 2011 9:45 a.m.

Every week, billions of gallons of oil are transported in Northwest waters, but the agencies regulating that trade have suffered budget cuts. What effect does that have on oil spill preparedness?

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Davy Crockett oil leak labeled “a major spill”

Ecotrope | Feb. 3, 2011 4:20 a.m.

State Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) sat in on a briefing with Gov. John Kitzhaber and numerous other state and federal leaders on both sides of the Columbia River yesterday on the status of the split and leaking derelict barge Davy Crockett just south of Camas, Wash. Johnson said leaders are now considering the leaked oil "a major spill" and the ...

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Columbia oil leak update: Mostly contained

Ecotrope | Feb. 1, 2011 2:17 a.m.

The Oregonian reports that the derelict barge leaking oil into the Columbia River near Camas, Wash., actually split in half – likely following a scrap operation that may or may not have been authorized. When Coast Guard officials found it, the river was flowing through the barge, which had leaked a 15-mile sheen of oil downstream. As of last night, ...

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Barge still leaking oil into the Columbia

Ecotrope | Jan. 31, 2011 3:52 a.m.

Workers were trying to stabilize a derelict vessel leaking oil in the Columbia River today so divers can remove all remaining oil.

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Baffled by flip-flopping Gulf oil reports?

Ecotrope | Sept. 17, 2010 2:59 a.m.

I have to agree with this story from today's St. Petersburg Times about all the mixed messages on the ecological aftershocks of BP's oil spill (gusher, to be precise). And I'd argue it's especially difficult to decode the daily, flip-flopping stories (plume/no plume et al.) when you're in the opposite corner of the country from where all the action is.