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Oregon Governor Says Gorge Economic Recovery Will Take Months

OPB | Sept. 29, 2017 2:44 p.m. | Cascade Locks, Oregon

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said she thinks it'll take several months for businesses in the Columbia River Gorge to recover from the Eagle Creek Fire.

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9 Iconic Places Burned By Oregon Wildfires This Season

Statesman Journal | Sept. 23, 2017 11:31 a.m.

The flames tore into beloved places across the state, torching mountains and forests Oregonians traditionally pilgrimage to each summer and fall.

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I-84 Eastbound Could Be Open Again By Sunday Night

OPB | Sept. 21, 2017 4:22 p.m. | Portland

The eastbound lanes of Interstate 84 along the Columbia River Gorge could be open as early as Sunday evening or Monday morning.

local | News | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Interstate 84 Westbound Lanes Re-Open Amid Eagle Creek Fire

OPB | Sept. 14, 2017 6:34 p.m. | Portland

After prolonged closures from the Eagle Creek Fire, the westbound lanes of Interstate 84 opened Thursday evening between Hood River and Troutdale.

local | Education | News | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Hood River County Works To Keep Kids In School During Wildfire

OPB | Sept. 13, 2017 2:59 p.m.

Hood River County teachers and administrators have been working to keep students in school as firefighters attempt to contain the Eagle Creek Fire.

local | News | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Some Residents Allowed To Return Home During Eagle Creek Fire

OPB | Sept. 13, 2017 1:07 p.m. | Portland

Fire containment numbers have increased to 13 percent as about 100 families are allowed to return home. 

Nation | local | News | Environment | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Eagle Creek Fire Brings Together Local, State, Federal Leaders

OPB | Sept. 9, 2017 4:53 p.m. | Troutdale, Oregon

The fire brought together a run of show that included local, state and federal leaders talking about the lessons that can be learned from the fire burning in the Columbia River Gorge.

local | Forestry | Politics | News | Environment

Walden Introduces Bill To Expedite Reforestation In The Gorge

OPB | Sept. 9, 2017 9:29 a.m. | Portland

Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden said he wants to expedite salvage and reforestation projects in the Columbia River Gorge.

Economy | local | News | Environment | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Hood River's Smoky Week Slowed Business, Shuttered Schools

OPB | Sept. 8, 2017 6:38 p.m. | Hood River, Oregon

Smoke and lack of interstate access caused by the Eagle Creek Fire has hurt Hood River's businesses and schools.

local | Transportation | News | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Fire Closes Portion Of I-84 Through Weekend, Possibly Longer

OPB | Sept. 7, 2017 3:15 p.m. | Troutdale, Oregon

The Oregon Department of Transportation said Thursday it will keep Interstate 84 closed between Troutdale and Hood River at least through the weekend because of the Eagle Creek Fire.

local | Fish & Wildlife | News | Environment | Northwest Wildfires 2017

'Herman The Sturgeon' Survives Stabbing, Kidnapping, And Now Wildfire

OPB | Sept. 6, 2017 5:44 p.m.

A beloved 79-year old sturgeon has survived a wildfire that forced the evacuation of the Bonneville Fish Hatchery.

local | Recreation | News | Environment | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Fire Crews Fight To Preserve Multnomah Falls: 'It's Still Green.'

OPB | Sept. 6, 2017 4:40 p.m. | Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Wildfire crews fought hard this week to preserve the area surrounding Multnomah Falls as the Eagle Creek Fire raged in the Columbia River Gorge.

local | News | Northwest Wildfires 2017

Shelters Become Homes To Hundreds As Gorge Fires Rage On

OPB | Sept. 6, 2017 3:40 p.m. | Stevenson, Washington

As wildfires have swept across Oregon and Washington this summer, emergency shelters have become temporary homes for hundreds of people and, in some cases, their pets.

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Tribes Worry Over Lower Columbia Gorge Coho Runs With Forest Fires

Northwest News Network | Sept. 6, 2017 2:34 p.m.

The forest fires raging in the Columbia River Gorge are unlikely to disturb adult coho salmon right now. But Northwest tribal fishers are worried about...

Fish & Wildlife | Flora and Fauna | Environment

Fish Contamination Levels In Columbia River's Hanford Reach Prompts Advisory

NWPR/EarthFix | Aug. 23, 2017 4:25 p.m. | Richland, Washington

Six types of resident fish in Washington's Hanford Reach aren't safe to eat on a regular basis.

local | Water | Politics | News | Fish & Wildlife | NW Life | Environment

Trump Administration Urged To Avoid Salmon Protection Rules

AP | Aug. 10, 2017 2:53 p.m. | Boise

A group that represents farmers is calling the costs of saving imperiled salmon in the largest river system in the Pacific Northwest unsustainable and is turning to the Trump administration to sidestep endangered species laws

Water | local | NW Life | Animals | News | Fish & Wildlife | Land | Environment

Report: Sea Lions Push Willamette River Steelhead To Brink

Statesman Journal | Aug. 7, 2017 1:25 p.m.

State wildlife officials say wild steelhead in the upper Willamette Basin could go extinct in coming years because of sea lions feasting on the iconic fish at Willamette Falls.

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Troutdale Waterfront Redevelopment Project Collapses

Portland Tribune | July 22, 2017 11:20 a.m. | Troutdale, Oregon

An 18-year-old dream to reshape Troutdale's downtown riverfront appears to be dead in the water.

local | News

Bystanders Rescue Boy Swept Down Oregon River

AP | July 17, 2017 9:21 a.m. | Salem, Ore.

Bystanders rescued a 4-year-old boy who was swept down a river at the North Fork County Park recreation area.

Fish & Wildlife | News | Environment

Fate Of Pacific Northwest Orcas Tied To Having Enough Columbia River Salmon

Northwest News Partnership | July 11, 2017 2:30 p.m.

What does the next decade hold for killer whales that share the Puget Sound with millions of people and just a fraction of the salmon that historically were the beloved sea mammals; main food source.