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Episode #1113: Jennifer Doheny; Painter Chris Haberman; Stolen Sweets

Jennifer Doheny; Painter Chris Haberman; Stolen Sweets


Season 11 Episodes

Episode #1128: Blastolene Brothers; Ceramicist Sue Orlaske; Rose City Conductors Workshop

Original Broadcast: June 10, 2010

Episode #1127: Chamber Music NW Young Artists; Mask Maker Debra Fisher; Mike Leckie Update; Sculptor Samuel Hinds

Original Broadcast: June 3, 2010

Episode #1126: Teaching Creativity

Original Broadcast: May 27, 2010

Episode #1125: Bluesman Joe McMurrian; Actress Catherine Coulson; Mixed Media Artist Chris Giffin

Original Broadcast: May 13, 2010

Episode #1124: Sculptor Tomasz Misztal; Storyteller Ed Edmo; Swing Papillon music video

Original Broadcast: May 6, 2010

Episode #1123: Composer Ernest Bloch; Crafting; Painter Deb Otterstein

Original Broadcast: April 29, 2010

Episode #1122: Chien Tan; Oaks Bottom Mural; Sculptor Katy McFadden

Original Broadcast: April 15, 2010

Episode #1121: Coronas Artist Eva Castellenoz; Printmaker Denise Kester; Rumbanana

Original Broadcast: April 8, 2010

Episode #1120: JD Kindle & the Eastern Oregon Playboys; James Lavadour Update; Sculptor Beth Heron

Original Broadcast: April 1, 2010

Episode #1119: Kanaan Kanaan; OSF 75th Anniversary Review; Painter Jennifer Mercede

Original Broadcast: March 25, 2010

Episode #1118: Ceramicist Richard Rowland; Horse Feathers; Painter William Park

Original Broadcast: March 18, 2010

Episode #1117: Choreographer Erin Shannon; Megaband; Painter Susan Luckey Higdon

Original Broadcast: February 25, 2010

Episode #1116: Irish Dance Update; Leah Wingfield & Steve Clements; Metalsmith Kristin Mitsu Shiga

Original Broadcast: February 18, 2010

Episode #1115: Filmmaker Kelley Baker; Koto Musician Mitsuki Dazai; Painter Felicia Capuia

Original Broadcast: February 11, 2010

Episode #1114: Abstract Painter Carolyn Cole; Author and Basket Weaver Mary Schlick; Shanghai Woolies

Original Broadcast: February 4, 2010

Episode #1113: Jennifer Doheny; Painter Chris Haberman; Stolen Sweets

Original Broadcast: January 28, 2010

Episode #1112: Dave Frishberg; Duck Stamps Contest; Maude Kerns Art Center

Original Broadcast: January 21, 2010

Episode #1111: Dancer and Choreographer Tere Mathern; Painter Gwenn Seemel; Rug Weaver Kim Morris

Original Broadcast: January 14, 2010

Episode #1110: Bas Relief Artist Maria Simon; Jazz Singer Shirley Nanette; Wood Sculptor Philip Clausen

Original Broadcast: January 7, 2010

Episode #1109: Nutcracker Kids; Painter Tom Browning; Thom Bray, actor and educator

Original Broadcast: December 17, 2009

Episode #1108: Charlie Reynolds; Leroy Setziol; Quilter Mary Catherine Lamb

Original Broadcast: November 26, 2009

Episode #1107: Ceramicist Babette Harvey; Christmas Revels; Painter Sarkis Antikajian

Original Broadcast: November 19, 2009

Episode #1106: Ceramicist Lee Kitzman; Deborah Horrell; Illustrator Dick Wiley

Original Broadcast: November 12, 2009

Episode #1105: Illustrator Johanna Wright; Jazz Singer Rebecca Kilgore; Metal Sculptor Greg Wilbur

Original Broadcast: November 5, 2009

Episode #1104: Celtic Musician Hanz Araki; Milagro Theater; Sculptor and Painter Jennifer Kenworth

Original Broadcast: October 29, 2009

Episode #1103: Hat Maker Gene Baldwin; Kids Ballroom; Lifecasting Artist Peny Wallace

Original Broadcast: October 22, 2009

Episode #1102: OBT's Artur Sultanov; Sculptor Kenneth Standhardt; Woodworker Karl Burkheimmer

Original Broadcast: October 15, 2009

Episode #1101: Painter Lucinda Parker; Painter Paul Missal; Painter Ty Ennis

Original Broadcast: October 8, 2009

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