Oregon Art Beat

Circuit Bending

OPB | Jan. 31, 2008 7 p.m.

Meet some electronics tinkerers who can make musical instruments out of children's toys.

Oregon Art Beat

Tatiana Hargreaves

OPB | Jan. 12, 2012 7 p.m.

Tatiana Hargreaves is making her mark on the world of old-time fiddling.

Oregon Art Beat

Painter Brian Vegter

OPB | Jan. 12, 2012 7 p.m.

Artist Brian Vegter says you should paint what you love. And he loves dogs.

Oregon Art Beat

Short Term Gallery

OPB | Jan. 12, 2012 7 p.m.

Brian Vegter talks about the origins of this Baker City art gallery.

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All Season 13

Collaborative Art; Painter Cathleen Rehfeld; Portland Gay Men’s Chorus

Oregon Art Beat:#1327
Original Broadcast: May 31, 2012

Pete Krebs Trio; Printmaker Sarah Horowitz; Trumpeter Chris Botti

Oregon Art Beat:#1321
Original Broadcast: April 12, 2012

Photographer Susan Seubert; Printmaker Jonnel Covault; Singer/Songwriter Beth Wood

Oregon Art Beat:#1320
Original Broadcast: April 5, 2012

Lutenist Ronn McFarlane; Painter Lyla Messick; Sekko Daigo sensei

Oregon Art Beat:#1319
Original Broadcast: March 29, 2012

Artist Carol McLaughlin; Portland Cello Project; That's My Art: Mona Superhero

Oregon Art Beat:#1318
Original Broadcast: March 22, 2012

Boot and Shoemaker William Shanor; Horse Feathers; Sculptor Brenna Tyler

Oregon Art Beat:#1316
Original Broadcast: February 23, 2012

Actors Albright and Tufts; Musician and Sculptor Tony Furtado; Pendleton Center for Arts

Oregon Art Beat:#1315
Original Broadcast: February 16, 2012

Botanical Illustrator Paula Fong; Carver Jason Waldron; Sculptor Marie Watt

Oregon Art Beat:#1314
Original Broadcast: February 9, 2012

Crow's Shadow Institute; Painter Anna Magruder; Sculptor Joseph Schneider

Oregon Art Beat:#1313
Original Broadcast: February 2, 2012

Classical Revolution PDX; Holly Andres; La Bella; Tom Clevenger

Oregon Art Beat:#1311
Original Broadcast: January 19, 2012

Painter Brian Vegter; Circuit Bending; Short Term Gallery; Tatiana Hargreaves

Oregon Art Beat:#1310
Original Broadcast: January 12, 2012

Bird Painter Jon Janosik; Portlandia; White Bird Dance

Oregon Art Beat:#1309
Original Broadcast: January 5, 2012

The Art of Food

Oregon Art Beat:#1308
Original Broadcast: December 22, 2011

Japanese Prints PAM; MOsley WOtta; Painter Tom Browning; Portland Art Museum Shop

Oregon Art Beat:#1307
Original Broadcast: December 1, 2011

Joanne Kliejunas; Mary McDonald-Lewis; Painter Ty Ennis; Tomasz Misztal Update

Oregon Art Beat:#1306
Original Broadcast: November 10, 2011

Opera Comics; The Nature of Words; Vagabond Opera

Oregon Art Beat:#1304
Original Broadcast: October 27, 2011

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