Oregon Art Beat


OPB | April 12, 2001 10 a.m.

With computers and Xerox machines, just about anybody can put out a magazine.

Oregon Art Beat

Thara Memory

OPB | April 12, 2001 10 a.m.

Top Portland jazz trumpet player Thara Memory has a classical side.

Oregon Art Beat

Michael Schlicting

OPB | April 12, 2001 10 a.m.

Oregon Coast painter Michael Schlicting is fascinated by doorways and windows.

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Michael Gibbons; Donna Jose

Oregon Art Beat:#229
Original Broadcast: June 28, 2001

Steve Reinmuth's Art Bells; Chamber Music NW; Fishtrap

Oregon Art Beat:#228
Original Broadcast: June 14, 2001

Bassoon Brothers; Joshua Green; Carousel Museum

Oregon Art Beat:#227
Original Broadcast: June 7, 2001

Dan Kvitka; Dave & Tracy; Carmenita Coleman

Oregon Art Beat:#226
Original Broadcast: May 31, 2001

Michael Curry; Magda Druzdzel; Sitka Center

Oregon Art Beat:#225
Original Broadcast: May 24, 2001

Hiawatha Johnson; Jeffery Stolet; Minerva Soucie

Oregon Art Beat:#224
Original Broadcast: May 17, 2001

Liminal; Grande Ronde Symphony; Student Filmmakers

Oregon Art Beat:#223
Original Broadcast: May 10, 2001

Elise Wagner; Murry Sidlin; Dorothy Steele

Oregon Art Beat:#222
Original Broadcast: May 3, 2001

PDX Art Museum Preps; PBO; Audio Inventor George Cardas

Oregon Art Beat:#221
Original Broadcast: April 26, 2001

Michael Schlicting; Thara Memory; 'Zines

Oregon Art Beat:#220
Original Broadcast: April 12, 2001

Chel White; Timothy Ely

Oregon Art Beat:#219
Original Broadcast: April 5, 2001

Umpqua Murals; Viola da Gamba; Book Fair

Oregon Art Beat:#218
Original Broadcast: March 29, 2001

Cam Newton; Darkhorse Comics Author Mike Mignola

Oregon Art Beat:#217
Original Broadcast: March 22, 2001

Guitarist Doug Smith; Tracy Taylor

Oregon Art Beat:#216
Original Broadcast: March 1, 2001

Terry Robb; Artichoke Music; Adriene Cruz

Oregon Art Beat:#215
Original Broadcast: February 22, 2001

Allen Cox; Tom Quasthoff Returns to the Bach Festival; Maynard White Owl Lavadour

Oregon Art Beat:#214
Original Broadcast: February 15, 2001

Cal Scott; Lonnie Alexander

Oregon Art Beat:#213
Original Broadcast: February 8, 2001

McMenamins; Art Cars

Oregon Art Beat:#212
Original Broadcast: February 1, 2001

Pepe & Bottle Blondes; Nancy Klos; Cecil Gagnon

Oregon Art Beat:#211
Original Broadcast: January 25, 2001

Electronica band Dahlia; Taiko Drummers

Oregon Art Beat:#210
Original Broadcast: January 18, 2001

Joelle Smith; Mel Brown

Oregon Art Beat:#209
Original Broadcast: January 11, 2001

Steve Allely; Mike Rich; Williams Ave. jazz

Oregon Art Beat:#208
Original Broadcast: January 4, 2001

Lorenzo Ghiglieri; Michael Schlicting; Rubberneck; Kate Aspen

Oregon Art Beat:#207
Original Broadcast: November 16, 2000

PICA; Sasha Samuels; Sitka Center

Oregon Art Beat:#206
Original Broadcast: November 9, 2000

Coast Lab Band; Carousel Museum

Oregon Art Beat:#205
Original Broadcast: November 2, 2000

Bach Festival Choirs; Glass Artist David Schwarz; Jerry Joseph

Oregon Art Beat:#204
Original Broadcast: October 26, 2000

Charlie Reynolds; Chamber Music NW; Shawn Levy

Oregon Art Beat:#203
Original Broadcast: October 19, 2000

J. Chester Armstrong; Sheila Wilcoxson; Pyromania

Oregon Art Beat:#202
Original Broadcast: October 12, 2000

Arnold Mesches; Western Designer Anne Beard; Ken Kesey

Oregon Art Beat:#201
Original Broadcast: October 5, 2000

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