Oregon Art Beat

Frank Lloyd Wright Home

OPB | March 21, 2002 9 a.m.

The Gordon House is the only house in Oregon designed by renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. To save the house from destruction, it's been moved to the Oregon Garden in Silverton, where it is now open to the public.

Oregon Art Beat

Photographer Christopher Burkett

OPB | March 21, 2002 9 a.m.

Nature photographer Christopher Burkett strives to capture light in his work.

Oregon Art Beat

Don Hunter

OPB | March 21, 2002 9 a.m.

Don Hunter's archive of sounds like trains and saws goes all the way back to the 1930's.

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Molly Hilts; Blues Musician Paul deLay; Bullseye Glass

Oregon Art Beat:#337
Original Broadcast: June 27, 2002

Murry Sidlin; Jackstraw; Belly Dancers; Jaye Blackwood

Oregon Art Beat:#336
Original Broadcast: June 20, 2002

Extremo the Clown; Martha Mottau Reisdorf; Tri-Met Etching

Oregon Art Beat:#335
Original Broadcast: June 13, 2002

Kirk Lybecker; Ranch Painters; Prison Intarsia; Kent Haley

Oregon Art Beat:#334
Original Broadcast: June 6, 2002

Joelle Smith; Sandy Gunderson; Lions of Batucada

Oregon Art Beat:#333
Original Broadcast: May 30, 2002

Sculptor Linley Schetky; Bassoon Brothers; Bluesman Curtis Salgado

Oregon Art Beat:#331
Original Broadcast: May 16, 2002

Jean Anuel; Erhard Gross; Fritz Richmond

Oregon Art Beat:#330
Original Broadcast: May 9, 2002

Portland Youth Philharmonic; Weaver Patrece Canoy; Clem Starck

Oregon Art Beat:#329
Original Broadcast: May 2, 2002

Sam Johnson; Bill Hudson's Miniatures; Jeff Koval's Art House

Oregon Art Beat:#328
Original Broadcast: April 25, 2002

Vocal Ensemple Cappella Romana; Misty River; Carmenita Coleman

Oregon Art Beat:#327
Original Broadcast: April 18, 2002

Laura Ross-Paul; Young Artists Concert; Chuck Franklin

Oregon Art Beat:#326
Original Broadcast: April 11, 2002

Northwest Children's Theatre: Anne Frank; Saxaphonist Patrick Lamb; Nesika Glass

Oregon Art Beat:#325
Original Broadcast: April 4, 2002

Ron Heagy; Dale & Babette Beatty; Kows for Kids

Oregon Art Beat:#324
Original Broadcast: March 28, 2002

Don Hunter; Photographer Christopher Burkett; Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Oregon Art Beat:#323
Original Broadcast: March 21, 2002

Paul Chasman; Kevin Burke; Breedlove Guitar

Oregon Art Beat:#322
Original Broadcast: February 28, 2002

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Costumer; Mason Williams; Taiko Drummers

Oregon Art Beat:#321
Original Broadcast: February 21, 2002

Jon Koonce; Baba Wague Diakite; Joel Cottet's Huge Pots

Oregon Art Beat:#320
Original Broadcast: February 14, 2002

George Johanson; Nellie Madison; Guitarist Don Latarski

Oregon Art Beat:#319
Original Broadcast: February 7, 2002

Harry Stamper; Chad Mayo Ghost Horse; Word and Hand

Oregon Art Beat:#318
Original Broadcast: January 31, 2002

J. Chester Armstrong; MJ Anderson; Jeff Bizzell

Oregon Art Beat:#317
Original Broadcast: January 24, 2002

Kows for Kids; Glass Artist David Schwarz; Duff Severe

Oregon Art Beat:#316
Original Broadcast: January 17, 2002

Sonia Kasparian; Spirit of Time; Stephen Cohen

Oregon Art Beat:#315
Original Broadcast: January 10, 2002

Oregon; Oregon Children's Theatre

Oregon Art Beat:#314
Original Broadcast: January 3, 2002

Iconographer Heather MacKean; Organist Catherine Crozier; Irene Farrera

Oregon Art Beat:#313
Original Broadcast: December 20, 2001

Sculptor Martin Eichinger; Leroy Setziol; Tin Man

Oregon Art Beat:#312
Original Broadcast: December 13, 2001

Cybelle & Botielus; Nathan Bello; Pyromania

Oregon Art Beat:#311
Original Broadcast: November 29, 2001

Muralist Carolyn Johnson-Bell; Saturday Market Live

Oregon Art Beat:#310
Original Broadcast: November 22, 2001

Eugene Bennett; Irilla Swanson; Sisters Folk Festival

Oregon Art Beat:#309
Original Broadcast: November 15, 2001

Inga Dubay; Rob Scheps; Bill Gohring

Oregon Art Beat:#308
Original Broadcast: November 8, 2001

Serena Barton; NW Film Center/Bill Foster; Day of the Dead

Oregon Art Beat:#307
Original Broadcast: November 1, 2001

Dan Faehnle; John Kennicott; Roger Thomas

Oregon Art Beat:#306
Original Broadcast: October 25, 2001

Open Studios; Third Angle New Music Ensemble; Ceramicist Lillian Pitt

Oregon Art Beat:#305
Original Broadcast: October 18, 2001

Florestan Trio; Bodyvox; Salem Carousel

Oregon Art Beat:#304
Original Broadcast: October 11, 2001

Steve Allely; Girls Rock & Roll Camp; Painter Arvie Smith

Oregon Art Beat:#303
Original Broadcast: October 4, 2001

Leon Johnson; Christy Wyckoff; Spigot/Nann Alleman; Oblation Papers & Press

Oregon Art Beat:#302
Original Broadcast: September 27, 2001

Black Swan Theatre; Sculptor Mike Leckie; Simon Benson House

Oregon Art Beat:#301
Original Broadcast: September 20, 2001

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