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Episode #335: Extremo the Clown; Martha Mottau Reisdorf; Tri-Met Etching

Extremo the Clown; Martha Mottau Reisdorf; Tri-Met Etching

Season 3 Episodes

Episode #337: Molly Hilts; Blues Musician Paul deLay; Bullseye Glass

Original Broadcast: June 27, 2002

Episode #336: Murry Sidlin; Jackstraw; Belly Dancers; Jaye Blackwood

Original Broadcast: June 20, 2002

Episode #335: Extremo the Clown; Martha Mottau Reisdorf; Tri-Met Etching

Original Broadcast: June 13, 2002

Episode #334: Kirk Lybecker; Ranch Painters; Prison Intarsia; Kent Haley

Original Broadcast: June 6, 2002

Episode #333: Joelle Smith; Sandy Gunderson; Lions of Batucada

Original Broadcast: May 30, 2002

Episode #332: One-Percent for Arts; Fashion Designer Adam Arnold; Pendulum Dance Theatre; Western Designer Anne Beard

Original Broadcast: February 28, 2002

Episode #331: Sculptor Linley Schetky; Bassoon Brothers; Bluesman Curtis Salgado

Original Broadcast: May 16, 2002

Episode #330: Jean Anuel; Erhard Gross; Fritz Richmond

Original Broadcast: May 9, 2002

Episode #329: Portland Youth Philharmonic; Weaver Patrece Canoy; Clem Starck

Original Broadcast: May 2, 2002

Episode #328: Sam Johnson; Bill Hudson's Miniatures; Jeff Koval's Art House

Original Broadcast: April 25, 2002

Episode #327: Vocal Ensemple Cappella Romana; Misty River; Carmenita Coleman

Original Broadcast: April 18, 2002

Episode #326: Laura Ross-Paul; Young Artists Concert; Chuck Franklin

Original Broadcast: April 11, 2002

Episode #325: Northwest Children's Theatre: Anne Frank; Saxaphonist Patrick Lamb; Nesika Glass

Original Broadcast: April 4, 2002

Episode #324: Ron Heagy; Dale & Babette Beatty; Kows for Kids

Original Broadcast: March 28, 2002

Episode #323: Don Hunter; Photographer Christopher Burkett; Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Original Broadcast: March 21, 2002

Episode #322: Paul Chasman; Kevin Burke; Breedlove Guitar

Original Broadcast: February 28, 2002

Episode #321: Oregon Shakespeare Festival Costumer; Mason Williams; Taiko Drummers

Original Broadcast: February 21, 2002

Episode #320: Jon Koonce; Baba Wague Diakite; Joel Cottet's Huge Pots

Original Broadcast: February 14, 2002

Episode #319: George Johanson; Nellie Madison; Guitarist Don Latarski

Original Broadcast: February 7, 2002

Episode #318: Harry Stamper; Chad Mayo Ghost Horse; Word and Hand

Original Broadcast: January 31, 2002

Episode #317: J. Chester Armstrong; MJ Anderson; Jeff Bizzell

Original Broadcast: January 24, 2002

Episode #316: Kows for Kids; Glass Artist David Schwarz; Duff Severe

Original Broadcast: January 17, 2002

Episode #315: Sonia Kasparian; Spirit of Time; Stephen Cohen

Original Broadcast: January 10, 2002

Episode #314: Oregon; Oregon Children's Theatre

Original Broadcast: January 3, 2002

Episode #313: Iconographer Heather MacKean; Organist Catherine Crozier; Irene Farrera

Original Broadcast: December 20, 2001

Episode #312: Sculptor Martin Eichinger; Leroy Setziol; Tin Man

Original Broadcast: December 13, 2001

Episode #311: Cybelle & Botielus; Nathan Bello; Pyromania

Original Broadcast: November 29, 2001

Episode #310: Muralist Carolyn Johnson-Bell; Saturday Market Live

Original Broadcast: November 22, 2001

Episode #309: Eugene Bennett; Irilla Swanson; Sisters Folk Festival

Original Broadcast: November 15, 2001

Episode #308: Inga Dubay; Rob Scheps; Bill Gohring

Original Broadcast: November 8, 2001

Episode #307: Serena Barton; NW Film Center/Bill Foster; Day of the Dead

Original Broadcast: November 1, 2001

Episode #306: Dan Faehnle; John Kennicott; Roger Thomas

Original Broadcast: October 25, 2001

Episode #305: Open Studios; Third Angle New Music Ensemble; Ceramicist Lillian Pitt

Original Broadcast: October 18, 2001

Episode #304: Florestan Trio; Bodyvox; Salem Carousel

Original Broadcast: October 11, 2001

Episode #303: Steve Allely; Girls Rock & Roll Camp; Painter Arvie Smith

Original Broadcast: October 4, 2001

Episode #302: Leon Johnson; Christy Wyckoff; Spigot/Nann Alleman; Oblation Papers & Press

Original Broadcast: September 27, 2001

Episode #301: Black Swan Theatre; Sculptor Mike Leckie; Simon Benson House

Original Broadcast: September 20, 2001

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