Oregon Art Beat

Ron Steen Jam

OPB | April 3, 2003 9 a.m.

Some of the best jazz musicians in the state join a weekly jam led by drummer Ron Steen.

Oregon Art Beat

Painter Sherrie Wolf

OPB | April 3, 2003 9 a.m.

Sherrie Wolf paints images of fruits and flowers, with classic paintings for a backdrop.

Oregon Art Beat

David Jensen

OPB | April 3, 2003 9 a.m.

Photographer David Jensen shows us what it takes to capture the majesty of the Northwest.

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Episode #1611

April 2, 8 p.m. [OPB TV]

All Season 4

Dan Kvitka; Sandy Gunderson; Encaustic Painter Ruth Grover; Chuck Franklin

Oregon Art Beat:#442
Original Broadcast: August 28, 2003

Making of Defiant Requiem; Viola da Gamba

Oregon Art Beat:#441
Original Broadcast: August 21, 2003

Jackstraw; 'Zines; Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Oregon Art Beat:#440
Original Broadcast: August 14, 2003

Photographer Christopher Burkett; Misty River; Pink Martini

Oregon Art Beat:#439
Original Broadcast: August 7, 2003

Belly Dancers; Margarita Leon; Taiko Drummers

Oregon Art Beat:#438
Original Broadcast: July 31, 2003

Kevin Burke; Bill Martin Square Dancing; Violin Maker Michael Klein

Oregon Art Beat:#437
Original Broadcast: July 24, 2003

Steve Reinmuth's Art Bells; Eugene Bennett; Sisters Folk Festival

Oregon Art Beat:#436
Original Broadcast: July 10, 2003

Nathan Bello; Kumiko Sudo; Quilter Mary Catherine Lamb

Oregon Art Beat:#435
Original Broadcast: July 3, 2003

Country Fair Vaudevillians; Terry Bostwick; Ricarda Claus

Oregon Art Beat:#434
Original Broadcast: June 26, 2003

Peter Dammann; Painter Arvie Smith; Artist Nancy Thorn

Oregon Art Beat:#433
Original Broadcast: June 19, 2003

Edward Vliek; Janet Bailey; Mary Alice & Ray Beard

Oregon Art Beat:#432
Original Broadcast: June 5, 2003

Allan deLay; Painter Mike Russo; Accordion Camp

Oregon Art Beat:#431
Original Broadcast: May 29, 2003

Last Thursday; Sister Mary Bertoli; David Schiff

Oregon Art Beat:#430
Original Broadcast: May 22, 2003

MJ Anderson; Jack Ohman; James Depreist

Oregon Art Beat:#429
Original Broadcast: May 15, 2003

Sculptor Tim Power; Kung Pao Chickens; Leon Flick, Cowboy Poet

Oregon Art Beat:#428
Original Broadcast: May 8, 2003

Margot Voorhies Thompson; Roger Thomas; Bill Martin Square Dancing

Oregon Art Beat:#427
Original Broadcast: May 1, 2003

Glass Artists Roger Crosta; Sally Adler Palmer; Spoken word duo Good Sista/Bad Sista

Oregon Art Beat:#426
Original Broadcast: April 24, 2003

Groove Theory

Oregon Art Beat:#425
Original Broadcast: April 17, 2003

Kate Power and Steve Einhorn; Children of Paradise/ Belly Dancers; Rick Bartow

Oregon Art Beat:#424
Original Broadcast: April 8, 2004

David Jensen; Painter Sherrie Wolf; Ron Steen Jam

Oregon Art Beat:#423
Original Broadcast: April 3, 2003

Rob Wurzer; Painter Margret Short; Songwriter Jeff Trott

Oregon Art Beat:#422
Original Broadcast: March 27, 2003

Harmonica Player David Lipkind; Linda Davis Coghill; Resource Revival

Oregon Art Beat:#421
Original Broadcast: March 20, 2003

Mei-Ann Chen; Jumpstart OSU; Story Poles

Oregon Art Beat:#420
Original Broadcast: February 27, 2003

Portland Art Museum: Paris to Portland; Jon Zander; Storm

Oregon Art Beat:#419
Original Broadcast: February 20, 2003

Painter Milo; Fashion Designer Kayla Kennington; Astoria Fisher Poets

Oregon Art Beat:#418
Original Broadcast: February 13, 2003

Artists for the Arts; Wymprov; Gerald Hirschfeld

Oregon Art Beat:#417
Original Broadcast: February 6, 2003

Jim Denney; Peanut Butter Conspiracy; Terry Hutchinson

Oregon Art Beat:#416
Original Broadcast: January 30, 2002

Cam Newton; Pat Courtney Gold; Braiding Artist Bill Black

Oregon Art Beat:#415
Original Broadcast: January 23, 2003

Jackson /Mills Big Band; Chad Mayo Ghost Horse; Violin Maker Michael Klein

Oregon Art Beat:#414
Original Broadcast: January 16, 2003

Lorenzo Ghiglieri; Edward Vliek; St. Francis Street Art

Oregon Art Beat:#413
Original Broadcast: January 9, 2003

David Delamare; Iranian Music; Blacksmith David Thompson

Oregon Art Beat:#412
Original Broadcast: January 2, 2003

Fran Gray; Kumiko Sudo; Fabric Designer Ellen Gienger

Oregon Art Beat:#411
Original Broadcast: December 19, 2002

Mazel Tov; Leroy Setziol; Dave Anderson

Oregon Art Beat:#410
Original Broadcast: December 12, 2002

Inkling Studio; Portland Opera Works!; Jefferson Dancers

Oregon Art Beat:#409
Original Broadcast: November 28, 2002

John Maher; Margarita Leon; Randy Gragg

Oregon Art Beat:#408
Original Broadcast: November 21, 2002

Tears of Joy Puppets; Stan Beppu's Abstract Paintings; Olivia Warfield / Silky

Oregon Art Beat:#407
Original Broadcast: November 14, 2002

Lakewood Theatre at 50; NW Film Festival; Mark Heimann

Oregon Art Beat:#406
Original Broadcast: November 7, 2002

Sculptor Martin Eichinger; Opera Chorus & Andrea Streedain; Andy Davies

Oregon Art Beat:#405
Original Broadcast: October 31, 2002

Pete Beeman's Simple Machines; Glass Artist Linda Ethier; Body Moves

Oregon Art Beat:#404
Original Broadcast: October 24, 2002

Lam Quang; Encaustic Painter Ruth Grover; Misty River

Oregon Art Beat:#403
Original Broadcast: October 17, 2002

Open Studios; 3 Leg Torso; James Canfield

Oregon Art Beat:#402
Original Broadcast: October 10, 2002

Chris Coleman; Dave Carter Tribute; James Robinson

Oregon Art Beat:#401
Original Broadcast: October 3, 2002

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