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Episode #527: M. Graham Paint; Duff Severe; Louie Gizyn

M. Graham Paint; Duff Severe; Louie Gizyn

Season 5 Episodes

Episode #543: Red Shoe Delivery Service; Sculptor Linley Schetky; Bodyvox

Original Broadcast: August 26, 2004

Episode #542: John Maher; Storm; Callahan Sings!

Original Broadcast: August 19, 2004

Episode #541: McMenamins; Pianist Michael Allen Harrison; Christopher Stowell / Oregon Ballet Theatre

Original Broadcast: August 12, 2004

Episode #540: Young Composers (Fear No Music); Artichoke Music; Rick Bartow

Original Broadcast: August 5, 2004

Episode #539: Painter Mike Russo; Nellie Madison; Bill Gohring

Original Broadcast: July 22, 2004

Episode #538: Molly Hilts; Misty River CD preview; Salem Carousel

Original Broadcast: July 15, 2004

Episode #537: Jon Koonce; Breedlove Guitar; Story Poles

Original Broadcast: July 9, 2004

Episode #536: Mel Brown/Jazz Workshop; Minerva Soucie; Mark Heimann

Original Broadcast: July 1, 2004

Episode #535: Rob Wurzer; David Vest; Drummer Obo Addy

Original Broadcast: June 24, 2004

Episode #534: Deborah Dewit-Marchant; Tom Quasthoff Returns to the Bach Festival; Portland Symphonic Girlchoir

Original Broadcast: June 17, 2004

Episode #533: Shane Rogers; Painter Jeff White; String Helix

Original Broadcast: June 10, 2004

Episode #532: Inkling Studio; Tinh Mahoney; D.W. Frommer

Original Broadcast: June 3, 2004

Episode #531: Stan Beppu's Abstract Paintings; Dan Balmer; Portland Chamber Orchestra

Original Broadcast: May 27, 2004

Episode #530: Rama, The Painting Elephant; Misty River CD preview; Helen Hill

Original Broadcast: May 20, 2004

Episode #529: Rob Finch; Central Oregon Symphony Orchestra; Ring of Fire

Original Broadcast: May 13, 2004

Episode #528: Linus Pauling Statue; Willamette Kids Arts Festival; Elements Glass

Original Broadcast: May 6, 2004

Episode #527: M. Graham Paint; Duff Severe; Louie Gizyn

Original Broadcast: April 29, 2004

Episode #526: Herman Krieger; Martha Mottau Reisdorf; Jazz pianist Darrell Grant

Original Broadcast: April 22, 2004

Episode #525: Guitarist Doug Smith; Dennis Meiners; Leslie Lee

Original Broadcast: April 15, 2004

Episode #524: Playwright Joseph Fisher; Making of Defiant Requiem

Original Broadcast: April 8, 2004

Episode #523: Ruth Armitage; Adriene Cruz; Alaskan Native artist Phillip Charette

Original Broadcast: April 1, 2004

Episode #522: Gregory Grenon; Vanessa Renwick

Original Broadcast: March 25, 2004

Episode #521: Mei-Ann Chen; Jim Bosley; Jennifer Billig

Original Broadcast: March 4, 2004

Episode #520: Creative Differences; Christopher Stowell / Oregon Ballet Theatre; Oblation Papers & Press

Original Broadcast: February 26, 2004

Episode #519: Baba Wague Diakite; Dancer Sahomi Tachibana; Mardi Gras Mask Makers

Original Broadcast: February 19, 2004

Episode #518: Sculptor Shelley Smith Curtiss; Teacher and Dancer Chungilang Al Huang; Cecil Gagnon

Original Broadcast: February 12, 2004

Episode #517: Bill Bloodgood; Molly Hilts; Callahan Sings!

Original Broadcast: February 5, 2004

Episode #516: PATA auditions; Ramsey Embick; Stewart Jones

Original Broadcast: January 29, 2004

Episode #515: Chari Grenfell; Inga Dubay; Mel Brown/Jazz Workshop

Original Broadcast: January 22, 2004

Episode #514: Pamela Trow-Johnson; Noah Mickens; NW Academy

Original Broadcast: January 15, 2004

Episode #513: Fritz Richmond; Luthier Jon Franke; Wood Sculptor Philip Clausen

Original Broadcast: January 8, 2004

Episode #512: Lynda Lanker's Cowgirl Paintings; De Organographia; Ernie Kunze

Original Broadcast: December 18, 2003

Episode #511: Pete Helzer; Found Objects; Tin Man

Original Broadcast: December 11, 2003

Episode #510: Painter Katherine Ace; Acoustic Guitar Summit; Tri-Met Etching

Original Broadcast: November 20, 2003

Episode #509: Painter Donna Steger; Gary Small; Randy Gragg

Original Broadcast: November 13, 2003

Episode #508: Kelley Stadelman; Guy Clark; Kate Power - Travis John

Original Broadcast: November 6, 2003

Episode #507: Susannah Mars; Nellie Madison; Hardanger Fiddle

Original Broadcast: October 30, 2003

Episode #506: Metal Sculptor Devin Field; Shoehorn; Severe Brothers

Original Broadcast: October 23, 2003

Episode #505: Erhard Gross; Creating Art to Music; Minh Tran

Original Broadcast: October 16, 2003

Episode #504: Theater Organs; Fran Gray

Original Broadcast: October 9, 2003

Episode #503: Pianist Michael Allen Harrison; Coast Lab Band; Dan Price

Original Broadcast: October 2, 2003

Episode #502: Austin Barton; Blues Musician Paul deLay; Glass Artist Mike Plane

Original Broadcast: September 25, 2003

Episode #501: Young Composers (Fear No Music); Glass Artist Tim Chilina; Maynard White Owl Lavadour

Original Broadcast: September 18, 2003

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