Oregon Art Beat

Dancer Sahomi Tachibana

OPB | Oct. 14, 2004 10 a.m.

Since her New York debut in 1948, Japanese dancer Sahomi Tachibana has been a star.

Oregon Art Beat

Pink Martini's China Forbes

OPB | Oct. 14, 2004 10 a.m.

China Forbes, Pink Martini's vocalist, has come a long way since she joined the band.

Oregon Art Beat

Painter Ann Ruttan

OPB | Oct. 14, 2004 10 a.m.

Landscape painter Ann Ruttan goes in search of locations along the Lewis and Clark trail.

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Donna Jose; Minh Tran

Oregon Art Beat:#644
Original Broadcast: September 1, 2005

David Vest; Terry Hutchinson; Darkhorse Comics Author Mike Mignola

Oregon Art Beat:#643
Original Broadcast: August 25, 2005

Sculptor Tim Power; Reggie Houston; Fabric Artists Lisa & Lori Lubbesmeyer

Oregon Art Beat:#642
Original Broadcast: August 18, 2005

Voodoo Catbox; Lamb & Meyer at the Oregon Symphony; Polly's Cakes

Oregon Art Beat:#641
Original Broadcast: August 11, 2005

Cal Scott; Tracy Grammer CD Preview

Oregon Art Beat:#640
Original Broadcast: August 4, 2005

Painter Ann Ruttan; Singer Cindy Lou Banks; 'Zines

Oregon Art Beat:#639
Original Broadcast: July 28, 2005

Serena Barton; Saxaphonist Patrick Lamb; Word and Hand

Oregon Art Beat:#638
Original Broadcast: July 21, 2005

Metal Sculptor Devin Field; Hawaiian-Style Musician Bill Keale; Elements Glass

Oregon Art Beat:#637
Original Broadcast: July 14, 2005

Misty River; Accordion Camp; Fabric Designer Ellen Gienger

Oregon Art Beat:#636
Original Broadcast: July 7, 2005

Ed Carpenter and Lauren Sheehan; Mary Flower

Oregon Art Beat:#635
Original Broadcast: June 30, 2005

Mark Lemhouse; Mark Schiff's 'New York Nocturnes'; Ray Trayle

Oregon Art Beat:#634
Original Broadcast: June 23, 2005

Sonia Kasparian; John Gross; Blastolene Brothers

Oregon Art Beat:#633
Original Broadcast: June 16, 2005

Steve Eichenberger; David Jacobs-Strain; Tracy Grammer CD Preview

Oregon Art Beat:#631
Original Broadcast: May 26, 2005

Chien Tan; Central Oregon Symphony Orchestra; Jacquline Hurlbert

Oregon Art Beat:#630
Original Broadcast: May 19, 2005

De Organographia; Hampton Rodriguez; Poet Kim Stafford

Oregon Art Beat:#629
Original Broadcast: May 12, 2005

Allan deLay; Bob Gamblin; Isaka Shamsu-din

Oregon Art Beat:#627
Original Broadcast: April 28, 2005

Brent McGregor; Painter Henk Pander; Amelia

Oregon Art Beat:#626
Original Broadcast: April 21, 2005

Do Jump; Janet Bailey; Larry Colton

Oregon Art Beat:#625
Original Broadcast: April 14, 2005

Profile Theater; Opera Chorus & Andrea Streedain; Americana Project

Oregon Art Beat:#624
Original Broadcast: April 7, 2005

Eco Earth; Reggie Houston; Terry Bostwick

Oregon Art Beat:#623
Original Broadcast: March 31, 2005

John Stowell; Megaband; Irish Dance

Oregon Art Beat:#621
Original Broadcast: March 3, 2005

Thomas Rude; Blues for Kids; Astoria Fisher Poets

Oregon Art Beat:#620
Original Broadcast: February 24, 2005

Kirk Lybecker; David Bjurstrom; Portland Youth Philharmonic Photo Project; Polly's Cakes

Oregon Art Beat:#619
Original Broadcast: February 17, 2005

Dee Maaske; Painter Andrew Pate; String Helix

Oregon Art Beat:#618
Original Broadcast: February 10, 2005

Mary Flower; Coronas Artist Eva Castellenoz

Oregon Art Beat:#617
Original Broadcast: February 3, 2005

Hawaiian-Style Musician Bill Keale; Thanatology; Louie Gizyn

Oregon Art Beat:#616
Original Broadcast: January 27, 2005

Sculptor Tom Hardy; Deb Cleveland; Braiding Artist Bill Black

Oregon Art Beat:#615
Original Broadcast: January 20, 2005

Jim Newman; Dan Chen; Portland Opera Works!

Oregon Art Beat:#614
Original Broadcast: January 13, 2005

Kim Osgood; Artist Ron Rogers; Leslie Lee

Oregon Art Beat:#613
Original Broadcast: January 6, 2005

Lee Musgrave; Portland Symphonic Girlchoir; Charles Littleleaf

Oregon Art Beat:#612
Original Broadcast: December 30, 2004

David Friesen; Jeanne Henry

Oregon Art Beat:#611
Original Broadcast: December 16, 2004

Lamb & Meyer at the Oregon Symphony; Mark Hanson; Weaver Patrece Canoy

Oregon Art Beat:#610
Original Broadcast: November 25, 2004

Mike Walsh; Voodoo Catbox; Singer and Songwriter Julie Hoy

Oregon Art Beat:#609
Original Broadcast: November 18, 2004

Daniel Robinson; Pat Courtney Gold; Connie Kiener

Oregon Art Beat:#608
Original Broadcast: November 11, 2004

Sculptor Greg Congleton; Kung Pao Chickens; Seaplane

Oregon Art Beat:#606
Original Broadcast: October 28, 2004

Lifecasting Artist Peny Wallace; March Fourth Marching Band; Ceramicist Lillian Pitt

Oregon Art Beat:#605
Original Broadcast: October 21, 2004

Painter Ann Ruttan; Pink Martini's China Forbes; Dancer Sahomi Tachibana

Oregon Art Beat:#604
Original Broadcast: October 14, 2004

Musicians Klezmocracy; Fabric Artists Lisa & Lori Lubbesmeyer; Artist Nancy Thorn

Oregon Art Beat:#603
Original Broadcast: October 7, 2004

Singer Cindy Lou Banks; Writer Richard Meltzer

Oregon Art Beat:#602
Original Broadcast: September 30, 2004

Painter Amanda Blake; Conductor Carlos Kalmar

Oregon Art Beat:#601
Original Broadcast: September 23, 2004

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