Season 8 Episode #824

Leather Designer and Artist Marianne Fellner; Metal Sculptor Devin Field; Live Wire! Radio Variety Show

Oregon Art Beat

Metal Sculptor Devin Field

OPB | April 12, 2007 8 p.m.

Devin Field shares his story and installs his large public art for the city of Corvallis.

Oregon Art Beat

Leather Designer and Artist Marianne Fellner

OPB | April 12, 2007 8 p.m.

Bend artist Marianne Fellner outfits horse riders all over with her fine leather pieces.

Oregon Art Beat

Live Wire! Radio Variety Show

OPB | April 12, 2007 8 p.m.

The OPB radio variety show "Live Wire!" doubles as a live stage show.

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OBT's Prima Ballerinas; Photographer Paulina Hermosillo; Composer John Blackburn

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Waterfront Blues Festival; Playwrite, Inc.; Found Objects Artist Brian Mock

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Honky-tonk Band The Buckles; Burning Man Festival; Painter Margret Short

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Portland Art Center; Sword Sheath Artist April Kline; Portland Chamber Orchestra

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Musician Mac Potts; Jazz Musician Jim Pepper

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Celtic Musician Hanz Araki; Author Monica Drake; Photographer Christopher Burkett

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Fresco Painter Jack Portland; Poetry in Motion; Lifecasting Artist Peny Wallace

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Duck Stamps Contest; Blue Mountain Foundry; Glass Artist Tim Chilina

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Woodcarver Steve Arment; Furniture Artist Rainy Lehrman; March Fourth Marching Band

Oregon Art Beat:#818
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Watercolorist Gene Gill; Tibet artist Sonam Phuntsok; Reggie Houston

Oregon Art Beat:#817
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Ceramic Artist Cary Weigand; Rug Weaver Kim Morris; Ukulele Player Jim D'Ville

Oregon Art Beat:#816
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Metal Sculptor Greg Wilbur; David Eckard's "Float"; Chamber Music NW Young Artists

Oregon Art Beat:#815
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Glass Artist Chris Hawthorne; Artist Zen Parry; Bluesman Joe McMurrian

Oregon Art Beat:#813
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Author Tom Spanbauer; Julie Vandenberg's Printmaking Co-op; Little Sue

Oregon Art Beat:#812
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Gospel Christmas; Blacksmith Tim Middaugh; Singer and Songwriter Julie Hoy

Oregon Art Beat:#811
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Maritime Painter Dutch Mostert; Painter Mona Cordell; Singer Linda Hornbuckle

Oregon Art Beat:#809
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Painter Paul Hoelscher; Landshark Bicycles; Trail Band

Oregon Art Beat:#808
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Suze Marshall Sings Cowboy Songs; Andy Nichols' Glass Sculptures; Lam Quang

Oregon Art Beat:#807
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Illustrator Carson Ellis; Violinist Alex Hargreaves; Bluesman Curtis Salgado

Oregon Art Beat:#806
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Painter Betty LaDuke; Bagpipe Maker Murray Huggins; Lynda Lanker's Cowgirl Paintings

Oregon Art Beat:#805
Original Broadcast: October 19, 2006

Bird Painter Jon Janosik; Oregon's Poet Laureate Lawson Inada; Open Studios

Oregon Art Beat:#804
Original Broadcast: October 12, 2006

OBT's Prima Ballerinas; Accordionist Mike Danner

Oregon Art Beat:#803
Original Broadcast: October 5, 2006

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